Some actions in the game reward you with "Criminal Records". You may own up to 8 criminal records. With 1-2 criminal records, you are just under suspiction. With 3-8 criminal records, you are recidivist, and are not granted a Visa to Salish-Shidhe. Criminal records also affect your interaction with Lone Star agents.

Earning criminal recordsEdit

The following actions reward you with Criminal Records:

1. After talking to dying Mako Sochou, you get +2 criminal records.

2. After Ito Ogami is killed, you get +2 criminal records.

3. Killing neutral pedestrian adds +1 criminal record.

4. Attacking encountered Lone Star patrol yields +2 criminal records.

5. Running away from encountered Lone Star patrol yields +1 criminal record.

6. Attacking injured man yields +2 criminal records (see below).

Injured manEdit

<Ahead of you is a man lying on the street. He seems to be hurt badly.>
Options: "Attack", "Give first aid" and "Walk away".

With equal probability, it is either vampire's ambush, or someone really needs help. In the ambush case, sometimes your intelligence may prompt you:

dice_hits = roll_dices(number = attr_intelligence,
                       target = 6

If dice_hits == 1 you get of "a lack of blood" prompt, and if dice_hits >= 2, you read "only inches separate you from a vampire!".

If you "Attack" injured man, you get +2 criminal records, and if you "Give first aid" to him, you earn ¥150.

If you "Attack" a vampire, it will escape, but if you "Give first aid", vampire will attack you.

You may also "Walk away" in both cases, it is risk-free.

Getting rid of criminal recordsEdit

Straitforward way to clear your records is to use your contacts. Two contacts may help you:

Henry J. Culver clears all criminal records for ¥2500.

Sgt. Chillicutt clears all criminal records for ¥5000.

Less straightforward (and more expensive) way is to visit Lone Star office, having at least 3 records. You are arrested and fined ¥2500 per each record (if the fine is more than you have, you are left with zero credits), all criminal records are cleared, even if you had no credits at all.

One more similar way is to be arrested by patrol.

Successful chattering off a patrol yields -1 criminal record (see Regular Patrol).

Indirect ways to encounter Lone Star patrolEdit

There are few different encounters that may turn out to be Lone Star patrol. All them will be listed below.

Building patrolEdit

<A Lone Star patrol spots you.> Hold it right there!
You are to be arrested if you have no pass. Even if you have a pass, the chance to be arrested is still 15%. Another 35% chance is that he well contact dispatch to verify your pass, then, with 40% probability of negative check, a corp guard will attack you.

You're under arrest! Dead or alive, you are coming with us.
If you are arrested, you have "Attack" and "Comply" options.

If you "Attack", you don't earn criminal records in this case. The success of your attack depends on the mean attr_quickness of entire party:

dice_hits = roll_dices( number=round_down(party_mean(attr_quickness)),

Probability table:

num_dices:   0     1     2     3     4     5     6     7
dice_hits>0: 0    13.9% 25.8% 36.1% 45.0% 52.7% 59.2% 64.9%

With dice_hits > 0, your attack succeeds, few cops appear and return fire. Otherwise, the effect will be the same as "Comply".

If you "Comply", your party will be feeded to cops (see Arrested section).

Company manEdit

<A Company Man storms up to you.> Hey, you can't get away with this! Don't think I don't recognize you!
Options are: "Attack", "Talk" and "Walk away".

On "Attack", with equal probability he will return fire or escape.

If you "Talk", then depending on Joshua's attr_charisma, he will either leave, attack or attract cops:

dice_hits = roll_dices(number = attr_charisma,
                       target = 5

Probability table:

charisma:         0   1     2     3     4     5     6     7
dice_hits == 0: 100% 66.7% 44.4% 29.6% 19.8% 13.2%  8.8%  5.8%
dice_hits == 1:   0% 33.3% 44.4% 44.4% 39.5% 32.9% 26.3% 20.5%
dice_hits > 1:    0%  0%   11.1% 25.9% 40.7% 53.9% 64.9% 73.7%

If dice_hits == 0, he attract cops, if dice_hits == 1, he attacks you, and if dice_hits > 1, he says he confused you with someone and leaves.

On "Walk away", there is 40% chance he will attack you, and 20% he will attract cops.

<The man remains irate, and soon a Lone Star patrol approaches to take care of the matter. They seem more interested in you, so the man quietly slinks off.> C'mere son. We wanna' talk at ya'.
Now, suppose cops are attracted. They will act as regular patrol, see "Regular patrol".

Grenade traderEdit

<As you walk by, a man calls to you from a dark alleyway.> Pssst. I got six Frag grenades for sale. I'll give 'em to ya for ¥180. That's ¥30 a pop. What you say, chummer?
Options: "Attack", "I'll take the Grenades", "Walk away".

If you "Walk away", you are free of risk.

If he is a real grenade trader, he will return fire on "Attack" or honestly sell you grenades on "I'll take".

But there is 40% chance this is Lone Star undercover. If undercover, no matter if you choose "Attack" or "I'll take". You are to be arrested:

Lone Star undercover! Freeze! <The undercover agent in front of you and his nearby backup pull out their weapons.> You're busted! Come with us.
Options: "Attack", "Comply" and "Run away". Now "Attack" and "Run away" work as usual, adding you criminal records. And "Comply" will make you arrested (see "Arrested" section), you can't talk your way out.

Compulsed womanEdit

<A flustered woman passes by you. A moment later a grungy man passes in pursuit of the woman.>
Options: "Attack", "Hey! What's going on here?!", "Walk away".

With 50% chance this is Lone Star undercover. Your intelligence may prompt you that:

dice_hits = roll_dices(number = attr_intelligence,
                       target = 6

If dice_hits < 2, you get the comment: "<It appears he is some form of law official chasing a suspect.>". As you see, because of the game bug, the effect of intelligence is reversed.

In both cases you are free of risk if you "Walk away".

The consequences of your envolvement depend on you attr_body:

dice_hits = roll_dices(number = attr_body,
                       target = 6

In non-undercover case, "Attack" and "Hey!" work the same: if dice_hits < 2, you are attacked by few Eye Fivers, otherwise you earn ¥100.

In the undercover case, there is still a chance that officers will avoid questioning you: if dice_hits >= 2 on "Attack" and if dice_hits >= 1 on "Hey!". Otherwise, they act as regular patrol:

Lone Star undercover! On the ground now, punk, or die! <The Lone Star agent pulls a gun just as his backup appears.>
Options: "Attack", "Comply", "Run away". See "Regular patrol" for details.

Escaped patientEdit

<A haggard man collapses at your feet. His skin is pale and cold to the touch. A well-dressed man runs up, followed by two ordinary thugs.> I'm a doctor and this patient has escaped! Help us capture him and I'll pay you.
Options: "Attack", "Leave him alone or you'll be sorry!" and "Help them".

Again, the 50% chance is that it is undercover.

An interesting and funny is the way your intelligence works here:

dice_hits = roll_dices(number = attr_intelligence,
                       target = 6

Outcomes of intelligence for the case of undercover are: If dice_hits == 0: "<The man looks like a typical doctor to you.>", if dice_hits == 1: "<You're not sure what to make of this strange group.>", if dice_hits >= 2: "<The well-dressed man has a malignant air about him. The ragged victim seems terrified.>. If a real doctor is encountered instead, intelligence outcomes are reversed. Thus, programmers wanted your intelligence to lie at lower attr_intelligence and say truth on higher attr_intelligence. However, they didn't study probabilities of the dice roll. What actually happens, is that the lower your intelligence is, the better it lies to you, surely giving opposite answer. Just see probability table:

intelligence   dice_hits chances
                  0    1   >=2
     0          100    0    0
     1           83.3 16.7  0
     2           69.4 27.8  2.8
     3           57.9 34.7  7.4
     4           48.2 38.6 13.2
     5	         40.2 40.2 19.6
     6           33.5 40.2 26.3

If you "Help them", you'll earn 50 nuyen in both the real doctor and Lone Star undercover cases. Thus, this is risk-free option.

If you "Leave him alone or...", in both cases you have 50% chance to attract cops. If not, then real doctor pays you ¥50, but cops pay you ¥100 :-).

If you "Attack" a real doctor, he will always escape.

If you "Attack" an undercover, the results depend on your attr_body:

dice_hits = roll_dices(number = attr_body,
                       target = 6

If dice_hits == 0, you are attacked by gator shaman and 2 bodyguards, if dice_hits == 1, you are attacked by bodyguards only, and if dice_hits >= 2, you earn ¥100.

If doctor have attracted cops:

<The doctor calls over a Lone Star patrol. On their arrival you find out that he is the director of a mental ward and this was one of his patients. Lone Star takes a sudden interest in you.> C'mere son. We wanna' talk at ya'.
Options: "Attack", "Comply" and "Run away". See "Regular patrol" section.

Regular patrolEdit

<Crowds part as you are approached by a Lone Star patrol.> A moment, citizen. We want a word with you.
Options: "Attack", "Talk to them" and "Run away".

You Lone Star patrol wants to ask you few questions. Some other encounters, as well as Lone Star undercover, may attract cops to you too.

If you "Attack", you earn +2 criminal records, and 3 cops will return fire.

If you "Run away", you earn +1 criminal record, and the number of cops chasing you are determined by mean party attr_quickness:

dice_hits = roll_dices( number = round_down(party_mean(attr_quickness)),
                        target = 4 + armor_modifier

The armor_modifier equals 1 if wearing Light Combat Armor and 2 if wearing Heavy Combat Armor, otherwise it is zero.

If dice_hits < 2, then "<The detectives easily overtake you and begin firing.>", and you are chased by a detective (number of chasers must be another misplacement bug).

If 2 <= dice_hits < 4, then "<You outrun some of them, but the others appear to be in better shape. They overtake you and open fire.>", and your are chased by 2 cops.

If dice_hits >= 4, then "<You easily outrun the slothfull patrol.>".

"Talk" option will, of course, start the dialog with cops.

First of all, if you joined Faradouchi family and have less than 8 criminal_records, you have an additional chance to repulse cops:

<One of the officers looks long and hard at you, then turns and whispers to his companions. He turns back to you with a sly grin.> You may go now, and give my regards to Mr. Faradouchi.
This happens if:

random_integer(modulo = 100 - 10 * criminal_records
                   ) >= 21

Thus, chances for 0-8 criminal_records are:

 0     1       2      3    4    5     6     7   8
79%  76.67%  73.75%  70%  65%  58%  47.5%  30%  0%

If you are not with Mr. Faradouchi, or this chance didn't work, you will still have few chances to get away:

<Keeping your cool, you answer all of their questions convincingly. Finally, Lone Star continues on its way.>
When this happens, the bonus is -1 criminal_record.

The first chance is in the beginning of a talk:

random_integer(modulo = 12
              ) <= (attr_charisma + criminal_records)

There must be another funny bug feature of the game, as criminal_records actually help you to get away. Having attr_charisma at least 3 and all 8 criminal records, you surely get away.

If latter chance fails, they check you.

If you have at least 3 criminal_records, they suspect ;-) you are Joshua:

You look an awful lot like a suspect we've been tracking. Goes by the name of Joshua. Got any ID?
Again, you are provided 3 options: "Attack", "Talk" and "Run away". If you go on "Talk", there is one more chance to get away: 5% * (attr_charisma + 1), if it fails too, you are arrested (see "Arrest" section).

If you have less than 3 criminal records, your party is just checked for illegal items. If none of you have any, you surely get away (as usual, with a bonus of -1 criminal_record)."Lined Duster" armor does not really help you in concealing illegal items -- latter must be just a marketing buzz ;-).

If any illegal item is found (see a list below), they ask you for a permit:

Hey, Flick. I think this guy's packing. You got a permit for that illegal weapon?
Standard options: "Attack", "Talk to them" and "Run away". We suppose you go on "Talk".

If you have a permit, they get lost (without giving you -1 criminal_record bonus).

If you don't, your charisma may help you get away for ¥500:

<You admit you must have misplaced the document. In haste, you offer an "on sight fine" of 500 nuyen to take care of any further problems. They accept your donation and leave.>
The chance this happens is: 10% * (attr_charisma + 1), and, of course, you must have this ¥500 on the credstick.

If not... see section "Arrested"

Illegal itemsEdit

These items are true illegal. You may be arrested by patrol if your party carry them without a permit. Even if you have a permit, these will be confiscated on your arrest (for example, if you are catched buying grenades from a stranger).

  • AK-97 SMG
  • HK227-S SMG
  • Mach 22 SMG
  • Roomsweeper Shotgun
  • Frag Grenade
  • Maglock Passkey
  • Light Combat Armor
  • Heavy Combat Armor

These items are slightly illegal. No one really cares if you carry them. They are not confiscated.

  • Allegiance Shotgun
  • Electronic Kit

No one cares of your illegal software as well.


Most time, you are arrested after you chance to fool cops talking to them fails. However, there are two cases when you are arrested instantly: if you are caught buying gredades from a stranger, or if cops catch you inside a building.

Here is arrest procedure:

1. Illegal items of your whole party are confiscated. This happens even if you have a permit.

2. Armor and weapon of each party member are unequipped.

3. You are charged a fine. The initial fine equals ¥1000 * (criminal_records + 2). If you don't have enough nuyen to pay fine, the fine is halved until you do.

4. All your criminal_records are cleared.

5. If you were on Bodyguard shadowrun, it is failed.

6. If you were on Courier or Acquisition shadowrun, and had package with you, the run is failed.

7. If you have picked up Michael's stuff, you are transferred to Lone Star Office.

This procedure does not apply if you entered Lone Star office yourself, having at least 3 criminal records.

Criminal records and Lone Star networkEdit

Through the game, you will constantly harvest Data nodes in the Matrix for files. Sometimes you get "interesting files" that add to Tips & Clues section of your notebook. The Lone Star network is not an exception, and you will definitely find few "interesting files" there.

If you search the Case Files DS (12,9) on the Lone Star system, and you have criminal records, you'll find the following messages:

To: All Officers
Fr: Lone Star Dispatch

Wanted: Caucasian male, age 18-24, 6 ft 1.
Preliminary reports suggest the suspect goes by the name of Joshua.
Wanted for questioning in relation to various crimes.
To: All Detectives
Fr: Lone Star Dispatch

Wanted: Caucasian male, age 18-24, 6 ft 1.
Goes by the street name Joshua.
Suspected of breaking various laws. May be armed and dangerous.
To: All Hunting Parties
Fr: Lone Star Dispatch

Wanted: Caucasian male, age 18-24, 6 ft 1.
Goes by the street name Joshua.
Currently a fugitive of justice.
Terminate with extreme predjudice.

You may think of it as a way to estimate a number of criminal_records you have.

If you have zero criminal_records, or your status did not change since last visit, you will not find "interesting file" there. If you had one of these 3 Tips in your notebook, you still do. If your status have changed, you find "interesting file" and your Tip is updated.

Unfortunately, you can't delete criminal records yourself from Lone Star system :-(.

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