160¥ (from Julius Strouther)
190¥ (from Mortimer Reed)
230¥ (from Vigore & Jarl)
2 (1 from Vigore & Jarl)
In enforcement runs, you are sent to straighten out one of the three area gangs for various delinquent behavior. Regardless of the situation, it always ends in a battle with four or five gang members, after which your mission is considered complete.

Pretty simple. Go to the gang's hideout, get insulted, kill everything inside, and return for payment. Needless to say, it's dangerous to take on these runs in the early stages of the game if you don't have good equipment and a teammate or two to help you.

These runs are the last type that would almost require an Ork Armband. When you start taking on more advanced runs than this one, that's when the pay gets into the 500¥ to several thousand range -- of which a hundred nuyen or so is not that big of a chunk. But it's still going to put a dent in your profits if you're only making around 200¥ on runs like these.

If money's not a problem, though, and if you can take on four or five gang members with guns with relative ease, then these runs may be nice for building your Karma -- assuming you don't get the runs from Vigore and Jarl, of course. But getting 2 Karma for a quick job like this can be pretty helpful.


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