Finding Stark is a very important part of the game. It's totally optional to go through with it and you can certainly finish the game not having done it... but if you do it, you'll get a lot more plot info, a fun corp run to do, and the best runner in the game will work for you for free. Pretty cool, I think. Stark is a really good character to have, and it's actually not that tough to get him.

As the 'bare bones' counterpart of this section says, the order of steps one and two can be switched. If you did step two first (which is common since a lot of people ask Dr. Haversheen about the Holopix when they first see the question appear), just remember that in order to get the corp run assignment in step 3, you have to go back to Seattle General after finding Stark.

Go to the remote hut in the Salish-Shidhe.Edit

Anyway, you need to find Stark, who is in a remote hut in the Salish- Shidhe wilderness. If you don't know how to get to Salish-Shidhe, read Step 1 of the "David Owlfeather" entry in Part 2b of this section. However, I must say that if this will be your first visit to the AmerIndian lands, it doesn't sound like you're far enough along in the game to be strong enough to do this quest. The quest essentially boils down to a trek through the wilderness (which can be tough, with all the wild monsters that will attack) and a moderate-level corp run (for which you need a Maglock Passkey and corp badges, or high Electronics and Charisma ratings). It's up to you, so keep in mind that you can always come back and finish the quest later. Despite what people tell you during this quest, there is no time limit to complete it.

When you're ready to go, head out to the Salish-Shidhe. From the highway where you start out, walk southeast through the trees and such until you get to a bridge leading east. Cross the bridge and you'll be in the AmerIndian village. Work your way to the far southeast corner of the village and you should see a cave entrance. Enter the cave.

Once inside, stay along the bottom wall and move to the right a screen or two and you'll see the exit leading downward. Take it and you'll be outside again. From here, follow the dirt path you see. After a couple twists and turns, it will split into two paths leading east and west. Take the east path and it will lead you to a bridge. Cross the bridge, walk a few steps south, and take the other bridge that you see. After crossing, just take a step or two north and you'll see the remote hut. Enter it.

After a little bit of dialog, you'll be taken to see Stark, where you will find out that he's badly injured and needs medical help in order to move him. You'll have to go to Seattle General.

Go to Seattle General and ask Dr. Haversheen about her Holopix.Edit

After you leave the hut, backtrack all the way back to the terminal (or if you don't mind losing your runners plus 10% of your money, just die). Go to Seattle General Hospital, which is in the far lower-right corner of Downtown Seattle. Once inside, ask Dr. Haversheen about her Holopix if you haven't already done so. After you tell her of Michael's death, she'll give you some information about him and Stark, at which point you will say that you've found Stark. Haversheen will go out and transport him to the hospital and do work on him. Finally, she'll tell you that Stark's heart is failing and he is in need of a new, prototype cyber- heart that's being stored in Fuchi's headquarters. Now it's up to you to run Fuchi and get the heart to save Stark.

Go to the Fuchi building in Penumbra District, get the cyber-heart.Edit

If you know where to find the heart, this run is a piece of cake for runners with decent levels and equipment. After you exit the hospital and feel ready to take on Fuchi, go to their office in the Penumbra District. It's in the far upper-left corner of town, just a step or two down-left of where you get dropped off if you take a cab. Once inside, you'll be in a small lobby. Note that the room next door to the left has a security terminal which will shut off any alarms, turn off the cameras, and tell you which floor the goods are on. However, since you probably won't set off any alarms, and you won't have to deal with cameras, and I'm already telling you where to find the heart, the terminal may not be of any use.

Anyway, exit the lobby and head straight up through the huge main hallway. You'll probably get stopped by security if you just walk up through it, so you'll need a badge, a good Charisma score, or the Invisibility spell. If you have none of these, just do a little bit of sneaking. The hallway is so vast that you shouldn't have a problem evading security.

So, at the top of the main hall is the elevator. Enter it and ride it to the third floor. Each of the doors out of the first room there are level 2 maglocked, just so you know. Take the door on the far right that leads out into the hallway. You'll be facing another door, but don't take it. Instead, walk down the hall, passing the next door, and take the door after that one (in other words, the third door down). Notice that it's level 4 maglocked, which is quite high for only the third floor. Hmmmm... Enter the room and open the safe. You'll find the cyber-heart.

Go to Seattle General.Edit

After you have the heart, leave the building and return to Seattle General Hospital. Dr. Haversheen will kiss you (which is totally uncalled for, coming from a Janet Reno lookalike who dresses like Elvis) and go to work on Stark. Later, she'll come out and tell you that the heart works fine and that Stark split town to go to Underground 93. Guess he couldn't wait to start drinking again. Anyway, from this point on, you'll be able to visit Underground 93 in the Puyallup Barrens and see Stark. When you first meet him, you may want to talk to him about Michael for some more information. Then you can ask him to sign on, which he'll do, for life, free of charge! What a guy! You can even get him killed, fail runs, or dismiss him and he'll keep coming back for more. And, of course, he's the most advanced runner in the game, coming with a full set of cyberware and very good stats (for more details, see Section IX, Part 3j).


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