While Lone Star keeps criminal records on you, the Renraku keeps its records on you as well. Again, you may have up to 8 renraku_records. The more records you have, the more Renraku Strike team is "interested" in you. However, your progress in renraku_records is more or less predetermined and you have a little freedom about it.

Earning Strike team recordsEdit

1. Learning about Mako Sochou from Boris brings +1 renraku record:

<Your mind mulls over this new information as you turn to leave. Your are startled back to reality as a Renraku Strike Team breaks into the Greenhouse!>
This is most likely to be your first renraku record.

2. Talking to dying Mako Sochou yields +1 renraku record.

3. When Ito Ogami is killed, you get +2 renraku records.

4. Finding a package in Acquisition shadowrun on Renraku Offices yields +1 renraku record.

5. Leaving building after Extraction shadowrun on Renraku Offices gives +1 renraku record.

Clearing Strike team recordsEdit

Actually, there is no way to clear renraku_records. The only event that clears them is when you find the map overlay. Besides, if you get it, renraku_records don't affect you life any more.

Consequences of Strike team recordsEdit

Time to time you will encounter Strike teams. If you obtained a Map Overlay, or if you have less than 2 renraku_records, this event will be replaced either with an event of someone making a holophoto of you, or with a magic creatures attacking you (these have few other causes as well). Otherwise, you are attacked. For 2-3 records, you are attacked by two Strike Team members. For 4-7 records, you are attacked by four members. For 8 records, you are attacked by five Strike team members.

Strike team records and Renraku networkEdit

Through the game, you will constantly harvest Data nodes in the Matrix for files. Sometimes you get "interesting files" that add to Tips & Clues section of your notebook. The Renraku network is not an exception, and you will definitely find few "interesting files" there.

If you search the Security Files DS (14,10) on the Renraku system, and you have strike team records, you'll find the following messages:

To: Strike Team Captains
Fr: Ito Ogami

A meddler named Joshua has become too involved in our affairs lately.
Hunt him down and make him understand we are none of his concern.
To: Strike Team Captains
Fr: Ito Ogami

An unknown force has compromised the Project
This force is led by a man with the street name Joshua.
Find him and remove him from our equation.
To: Strike Team Captains
Fr: Ito Ogami

Joshua has become too involved in the Project. The first Team to bring me his head will receive a 50,000¥ bonus.

You may think of it as a way to estimate a number of renraku_records you have.

If you have zero renraku_records, or your status did not change since last visit, you will not find these "interesting files". If your status have changed, you find on of these and your Tip is updated.

Unfortunately, you can't delete renraku records from Renraku system :-(.

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