After you've done all three plotlines listed in the previous subsection, do these to get to the end of the game. Note that you can do the first step or so without having done any of the "Mako Sochou" quest, but soon you'll be forced to go back and do the things you missed. So, to keep things as easy as possible to follow, you should just try to do things in the order listed. If nothing else, it's fun to have Harlequin give you a little clue, only to have you say, "Oh, yeah, I already took care of that. Where have you been?"

Since this is the end of the game, I suppose I should tell you that the type of stats and equipment it takes to get to this point is a far cry from the type of stats and equipment needed to beat the game. In other words, you may be able to make a killing selling data and you may be able to use that money to get otherwise mediocre characters to the end of the game, but money can't compensate for the surprisingly high levels you'll need to be able to stand in against the final boss. Unless you have over-leveled your characters along the way (i.e. spending way too much time building money and stats in in order to steamroll over the challenge at hand), you should expect to spend a lot of time with everything done, just working for more Karma and more money so you can have your characters armed to the teeth for the final fight.

Go to the Sinsearach and ask to see Frosty. (3)Edit

As is mentioned in the previous subsection, this will happen automatically if you've already done the Spirit Eyes quest when you complete the Sinsearach quest. If that's not the case, return to the Sinsearach whenever you're done with all three plotlines and ask to see the elders again. When you see Gillian, you'll ask her about Frosty again and she'll let the two of you meet.

Frosty will tell you a little bit about Thon, Renraku, and Michael before telling you about her master, Harlequin. Harlequin was the one behind Michael's last run and Frosty believes that you should meet with him. She'll tell you that he's at the Tarislar Garden Apartments in the Puyallup Barrens and that he is looking to defeat your archenemy, Thon.

Go to the Tarislar Garden Apartments. (2)Edit

After the meeting with Frosty, you'll be escorted back out of the Sinsearach. Get back to the highway one way or another and take a cab to Puyallup Barrens. Go to the Tarislar Garden Apartments and you'll meet Harlequin. He'll tell you a whole bunch of stuff that I'm not going to mention here because a.) it's very spoily and b.) you're going to be reading it, after all, so putting it here would be kind of redundant.

Harlequin tells you to seek out Vigore and Jarl, who have since split town.

Go to the Jump House and ask Gunderson about Vigore.Edit

Yep, that's pretty much it. Catch a ride to Redmond Barrens and ask Ol' Gunderson about the pair. You may have asked him that question before, but this time, he'll give you some new information about Vigore being holed up in the Rat's Nest.

Go to the Rat's Nest. (2)Edit

Walk down the street to the Rat's Nest. After what you've been through, you may expect some epic battle here, but no, you just get a screen telling you that voila, you found the map. Hmmmm, was there perhaps a little bit of a rush to get this game out the door? Oh well. The next step is to take the map back to Harlequin.

Go to the Tarislar Garden Apartments.Edit

Go back to the apartments and show the map to Harlequin. He'll say that the final plan is to go to the tomb where Thon must be and to defeat him once and for all. Harlequin tells you to go assemble your final party and report back to him when you are ready. This is just what you should do. Now is your last chance to prepare for the final battle of the game. Get your best three runners together and just run them like crazy to get the nuyen and Karma that you need. Here's a rough list of what you should have going into the final battle to ensure victory:

  • Three runners.
  • Each character with a set of Heavy Combat Armor. Hopefully, you haven't chosen to side with the Mafia. If you have, well, Light Combat Armor will have to do.
  • Each character with an Allegiance Shotgun. Yes, that's right, an Allegiance Shotgun. Most of the advantages the Predator pistol has (able to be silenced, holds more ammo) are irrelevant at this point. You want all-out power.
  • For magic users, the highest-level offensive spells they can use and the Level 4 Power Focus. Again, I hope you didn't align with the Mafia.
  • Each character stuffed to the gills with Medkits. Perhaps the most important detail.
  • All Attributes totally maxed out and boosted with cyberware. Well, maybe not Charisma or Strength, but definitely all the others.
  • The following Skills as high as possible (shoot for the 9-12 range):
    • Sorcery (for all magic users)
    • Shotguns (or Pistols, if you prefer to use them)
    • Biotech (for at least one character)

Note that if you have ALL of the things listed, the final battle will probably be a breeze. If you don't want to do a lot of leveling, just make sure that you have at least two runners, one of whom has a decent Biotech rating. Buy each an Allegiance Shotgun and a full supply of ammo and Medkits. Make sure each gets a suit of Light Combat Armor and good Attribute ratings, and send them in. Even with a relatively weak team, you can hold your own against Thon if you manage your Medkits wisely.

Once you feel you're ready for the final battle, all you have to do is give Harlequin the word.

Go to the Tarislar Garden Apartments and tell Harlequin you are ready.Edit

When you're ready to take on Thon, return to the Tarislar Garden Apartments. Harlequin will ask if you're sure you're ready. This is your last chance to back out. Tell him "Yes" and you'll be whisked into Ellisia's Tomb to do battle.

Go to the inner part of Ellisia's Tomb and defeat Thon.Edit

You'll start in the outer part of the tomb. Well-armed henchmen will be attacking from all over -- six in all. You MUST kill all six henchmen before the door will be opened to the inner part of the tomb. Once they're dead, do whatever healing you need to do and prepare for the real battle. When you're ready, walk all the way to the top of the area and go through the door.

Inside, you'll see Thon with two henchmen. Although it doesn't specifically say so, I'm pretty sure that these two are supposed to be Vigore and Jarl. Anyway, you'll see a cutscene showing Thon talking about how he's going to rule the world... same old stuff. After the Council starts channeling their powers into the tomb, Thon will be susceptible and the battle will begin.

I only have two points of advice for the final battle. First, get rid of Vigore and Jarl before attacking Thon. They're not that tough to kill and it'll be much easier when you only have one attacker instead of three. Second, while fighting, keep a very close eye on the health meters of your party. I know it sounds obvious, but seriously, watch those bars like a hawk. As soon as one dips down to 30 percent or so, pause and heal everyone. Don't wait until someone dies to heal them, and don't be afraid to draw out the battle by pausing and healing every few seconds.

Other than that, just hit 'em with your hardest stuff. Magic is good, but if there's a difference in damage between magic and the guns, it's probably due to the differences from character to character. Grenades work rather well, but the splash damage can be tricky and more importantly, they take up too much room in the inventory. You really can't go wrong with 16 or 18 Medkits, so don't sacrifice any inventory room for grenades or otherwise.

After you've done some considerable damage to Thon, Licourtrix will show up. yay! Remember him? He'll burst through the wall and attack Thon, then speak to you. At this point, you've effectively won, so sit back and enjoy the great ending. Well, not great. Not even good, in fact. The ending is really a letdown. Sorry. But the rest of the game was good, wasn't it?


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