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The four parts are The Beginning, The Big Three, The End, and Side Quests. Shadowrun is technically a linear game, meaning that each time you play, you go through the same steps and get to the same ending. However, the order in which you go through each of those steps is up to you. It's like the Mega Man series, where you can pick the order in which you fight the stages, but you always end up at Dr. Wily's fortress.

In Shadowrun, there are three main plot lines that each need to be resolved before you can finish the game. Each plot line can be done in any order, and you can work on all three simultaneously (which most people do). Since I'm trying to write a somewhat organized walkthrough, though, I've grouped them together and presented them in order. So, for each walkthrough, the layout is this:

  1. The Beginning - What you need to do at the very beginning of the game to get started and to introduce the three main plot lines.
  2. The Big Three - The three main storylines of the game. Keep in mind that you can tackle them separately, in any order, or all at once. The Big Three are:
    • David Owlfeather - Dealing with the AmerIndians to find more information on your brother's murder.
    • Mako Sochou - Dealing with the Renraku corporation to determine their part in the killings.
    • Caleb Brightmore - Dealing with the elves to gain their support and to reveal the plan behind the killings.
  3. The End - What you must do after completing all three storylines to get to the end of the game.
  4. Side Quests - There are two major side quests in the game which can be done at any time after you've gotten through the "The Beginning" part. Walkthroughs for each side quest are provided.

One note about the layout: As mentioned in Section XI, Part 1, some of the titles of the steps have numbers in parenthesis beside them. These numbers represent the amount of Karma that you will gain after doing the step.

So, do the Beginning, work on each of the Big Three however you choose, do a side quest or two if you feel like it, then do the End. Simple, right? On with the walkthroughs...

When you begin a new game, you will have to decide among being a Samurai, Decker, or Gator Shaman. It's really outside the scope of this section to explain the differences from archetype to archetype, but I do want to mention that you probably shouldn't be a decker. If you're into magic, be a shaman. If you're into guns, be a samurai. Choose your character and watch the intro. Afterwards, you'll walk into Stoker's Coffin motel in Redmond Barrens, where your journey begins.


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