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is a first-person shooter video game, developed by FASA Studio for Xbox 360 and Windows Vista. It was later cracked to work on Windows XP,[1] confirming speculation that it was intentionally limited to Windows Vista.

The game features a buying system which is greatly inspired by the game Counter-Strike. The game is also inspired by the role-playing game of the same name. It is not set in the official Shadowrun timeline, but an alternate continuity invented by FASA Interactive.


Shadowrun is a first-person shooter introducing mild cyberpunk elements to the gameplay. The game takes place in Brazil in the year 2031: before the events that shaped the Shadowrun universe.

The player chooses between two factions to play as: The megacorp RNA Global, and the resistance group known as The Lineage. Playable races are Human, Elf, Troll, and Dwarf. Each race has their own unique racial traits:


Pros: strongest race; lots of health; defence increases the faster they're hit. 

Cons:slowest race, as their defense increases they become slower; least amount of essence.


Pros: fastest race; quickest essence regeneration; heals using essence when not being shot at. 

cons: least amount of health; lowest defense; as they're healing, their essence regeneration ceases


Pros: immune to headshots, most essence, saps essence from other players and magical objects (i.e. tree of life, minion, strangle crystals,). 

Cons: painfully slow essence regeneration


Pros: second fastest with second most amount of health, no essence penalty for using techs, no statistical disadvantages.

Cons: lack of other races special abilities and lack of health regeneration.

Players can purchase magic, tech, and weapons before each round of play.


Tree of Life $2000

This magical tree heals anyone standing near it, friend or foe. Trees provide some cover, but can be destroyed by weapon fire, after healing a certain amount, or after a set amount of time. Trees will drain each other if they are planted close together.

Resurrect $2000

Held (less with Karma)Brings all dead teamates within a 6 meter radius back to life. Multiple allies resurrected with one use does not block additional essence. If the "master" dies, those they resurrected will begin to bleed out, losing health until they are resurrected again. While the cost will never change, the essence held is less when a team is losing, min of 1 essence when down 0-5.

Strangle $2000

Held (3 for Dwarf)Creates magical crystals that attract and trap nearby hostiles, draining health and essence. Can be destroyed by damage or antimagic. Allies will also be blocked and damaged by friendly strangle, but will not be "pulled in" like enemies. Strangle blocks gunfire, but grenades and AM generators pass through. Useful for protecting the Artifact or covering enemy bodies.

Gust $2000

magical blast of wind that can knock back enemies and reduce their accuracy. Can also be used to push back (or throw farther) grenades, AM generators, and seeds of Trees of Life. Gust pushes allies with less force, and has no push on crouching targets. Gust does slight damage, and thus will force enemies to un-zoom. If timed correctly at the ground, can also be used to negate fall damage or ascend higher with Glider. Gust passes through objects, meaning that a player can gust an enemy through a wall or floor.

Smoke $2000

(Drains with use)When mapped, Smoke will hide the user from Enhanced Vision and the lock-on effect of Smartlink. When activated, the player turns into a cloud of smoke and takes no weapon or fall damage, but all other skills are disabled and the player cannot attack. While active, essence will continuously drain until deactivated or essence is depleted. If hit with Gust, a smoked player will lose a huge chunk of essence. If this loss is more than the player had, the remaining loss is taken as health damage instead.

Teleport $2250

Enables users to instantly warp 8 meters in the direction of their movement, even through solid objects. If the player would teleport into a solid object, the teleport fails and no essence is lost. If looking straight up, it is possible to teleport twice into the air for greater height.

Summon $3000

Summons a magical minion who fights to the death. If cast while looking at the ground, the minion will guard that area and attack any hostile that approaches. If looking at an enemy, that enemy will become marked and the minion will follow them until they die. In Extraction, a minion will also clear the body before disappearing. Minions will attack any other minions, including ally summons, on sight, abandoning any previous target.

Tech includes[]

Glider $2000

When active, this tech allows a player to soar short distances, and also prevents injury from falling. Casting Gust at the ground while activating the glider will grant quick ascension when timed correctly. If a player is hit with Gust while gliding, they will be forced to the ground.

Enhanced Vision $2000 Activated Enhanced Vision reveals all combatants within 60 meters. Lines will move across a player's screen letting them know when they have been spotted by Enhanced Vision.

Smartlink $2000

When mapped, every weapon gains an additional level of zoom even if Smartlink is deactivated. When activated, magnetic auto-aim is increased (unless target has Smoke mapped) and friendly fire from guns is not possible. A red laser sight indicates that a player has activated Smartlink.

AntiMagic Generator $2000 A grenade-like device that adheres to most surfaces and produces an antimagic field. This field destroys Trees of Life, Summons, Strangle Crystals, and any player's essence. Teleportation is disrupted as well. Players begin with 4, which will slowly replenish after use.

Wired Reflexes $2000

When mapped, jump height, running speed, and reload speed are all enhanced. When facing an opponent with a Katana and not attacking, bullets can be blocked periodically. Activating Wired Reflexes enhances all these effects, but deals damage somewhat less than a single pistol shot would inflict.

Grenade Though technically a weapon, Grenade is found in the tech dial when assigning ability hotkeys, and can also be "quick-cast" from the dial. See the weapon entry below for more info.

Weapons include[]


All players start with this weapon. The pistol has moderate accuracy but minimal power. Can still be very potent with headshots or against Trolls. Very accurate with Smartlink. Allies who are resurrected begin with a pistol. Though a player can have only two weapons at a time, holding the weapon switch button will cause the held weapon to be dropped and a pistol to be drawn instead. Pistol ammo cannot be bought, but on certain Attrition maps a pile of pistols will be at the Artifact which can replenish ammo.

SMG $500 

Suitable for close- to medium-range, the SMG is balanced gun that can compliment any other weapon pairing. Crouching and controlled bursts of fire are effective for mid-range support. As the most common weapon in most games, it is often fairly easy to obtain spare ammo off of other dead players. SMGs are the most ineffiecient weapon against Trolls with essence, dealing little damage and building their spikes quickly which reduces future damage.

Rifle $500 

A semiautomatic rifle that comes with one level of zoom for added accuracy. The rifle is a great mid- to long-range weapon. Crouching and pacing your rate of fire to control reticle bloom is of utmost importance when using this weapon. Consider using with Gust to keep enemies farther away, or Smartlink to obtain a second level of zoom. Headshots are extremely potent with the Rifle. 2 direct headshots will kill an elf, while 3 will drop a human.

Shotgun $750 

Delivers high damage at close range, able to kill an elf in a single shot. Headshots grant a slight power increase which is important against Trolls. As a heavier weapon, weaker races will be slow while wielding a shotgun. Consider using with Wired Reflexes, as this will offset the speed decrease, increase reload speed, and activation can be used to quickly move into close range. Though Smartlink gives the shotgun a level of zoom, this is largely worthless since damage decreases when firing at targets more than 5 meters away. Shotguns cannot be blocked by Katanas and Wired Reflexes.

Katana $1000

A close-range weapon that switches the user to a 3rd-person view when wielded, enhancing field of view. Damage dealt by the Katana is based on a race's Strength value, where a Troll can kill other races in two hits (3 for another Troll without spikes). Sneaking behind another player will show a "?" symbol, and if cut the target will start bleeding. When paired with Wired Reflexes, the Katana is an excellent defensive weapon. Even without Wired, a Katana can block other Katanas and the Artifact.

Minigun $1250 

Extremely heavy but powerful weapon. Individual bullets are slightly weaker than the SMG, but the volume of fire gives this weapon a much higher damage output. Works wonderfully with Smartlink, enabling zoom and avoiding friendly fire. Since the barrel takes time to spin up, Enhanced Vision can also be useful to anticipate enemies.

Sniper Rifle $2500 

Highly accurate and powerul long-range weapon. This weapon can instantly kill even a Troll with a single headshot. Since Dwarfs do not take extra headshot damage, they would require two shots. Being bolt-action, players need to carefully take their shots. Since the weapon already comes with two levels of zoom, Smartlink may be more of a hindrance, especially since the laser sight will give away the sniper's position. Enhanced Vision may be better to acquire targets. Summon is also a good idea as it can be used as an alert to enemies coming up behind you. If not zoomed, a character will only attempt a melee attack.

Rocket Launcher $5000 

Fires an extremely powerful, but slow-moving rocket. When fired a white tracer shows the rocket's flight path. The reload time is rather long, so it is a good idea to switch to another gun after firing if in a gunfight. If an enemy is hit directly by the rocket in a game mode where bodies can be cleared, the rocket's explosion will sometimes deal enough damage to instantly destroy the body. Smoke can be activated directly after firing to take no damage from a point-blank rocket explosion.


At the beginning of every match, each player starts with 2 grenades. The explosion is powerful, but less than that of the Rocket Launcher. Grenades can be blown around by Gust or other explosions. Grenades can be mapped or quick-cast from the Tech dial. When a player dies, they will drop a grenade if they had one. If a player still had both grenades, they will still drop only one upon death.


In Extraction, both teams attempt to deliver the artifact to their score point. In Raid, one teams defends while the other attempts to steal the artifact. In Attrition, a player holding the artifact can see the position of every enemy on the map, but everyone can see the artifact as well. While holding the artifact, all skills are disabled, including passive effects of mapped Wired Reflexes or Smoke. Functionally, the artifact acts exactly like the katana, including the ability to block katana attacks or bleed out enemies. The artifact can also damage smoked enemies, which can be very useful on attrition matches.

Unlike many other FPS games, there is no melee attack button in Shadowrun. If you run out of ammunition for a gun or try to use a sniper rifle while not zoomed, however, your character will perform a melee attack. This attack does minimal damage and is rarely successful in taking down an enemy.

The game lacks a traditional campaign mode. Instead, various match modes are available - solo play against highly-customizable bots, private matches with friends and associates, and live matches which match up players from around the world. The three play modes available are Attrition, Extraction, and Raid mode. Any certain map has two of these three game modes usually Raid or Extraction and Attrition.

The Ryanator’s 2007 Competitive Guide to Shadowrun, if needed..

Random cool in game stuff:

  • Tree's are on constant bleed out from the time they are thrown, and disappear roughly 3 minutes and 50 seconds after they are thrown
  • Trees have hit points just like players, and can be shot/naded
  • Minions will bleed out unless inside their circle in which they are cast
  • You can permanently make your minion bleed out by casting the circle on the ceiling
  • It's often a better idea to kill yourself if you are the last one alive rather than give the other team more of an opportunity to earn money
  • Jumping off the map at the end of the round in smoke allows you to keep your weapons for next round.
  • Anti-Mags effect more than the radius in which they "glow" The simplest explanation is that it can still mess up your teleports even though you are in front of the mag looking and teleporting in the opposite direction. It will cause you to teleport only one meter.
  • As long as you have one pip of essence, you can smoke right on an antimag and stay smoked for 3 seconds
  • Classes have different strength levels, which means they do more/less damage with the Katana. This is NOT true for the Artifact. So essentially, Trolls will kill faster using the katana than the artifact, where as the weaker elfs benefit more from doing damage with the Artifact instead of the Katana. (IE: Trolls = 2 katana slices on human, 3 arti swings on human. Elf = 4? Katana slices on Human, 3 arti swings on human)
  • Regardless of the point above, the artifact sucks and is hard to land hits on unlike the Katana.
  • The Shotgun is the only weapon with bullet damage drop off in this game. It's possible to stand far enough back where it can take about 10 shotgun shots to kill an elf.
  • Will edit this point when I figure out just for sure how anti-mag respawn. I was told dynamically after one is destroyed.
  • Different minions do different amounts of damage, and I'll edit this once I find the name of the rarest and strongest minion that can be summoned.
  • Gust has damage drop off and won't knock someone out of smoke after a certain distance
  • Enhanced Vision can still ping players with smoke mapped, but are limited to within 25 meters and the number is very dull/hard to read
  • The distance from Balcony to Balcony is 25.1 meters long
  • Players will drop one grenade by their body if they die regardless if they have two grenades left.
  • Live inactive grenades can be shot (dumb idea unless you're sniping) and is an excellent tactic that has emerged late into the game. (IE purposely trying to stay back waiting for the elf to get the rez, and shooting the grenade right when he comes in to do so)

Random cool (sad) developer stuff:

  • Starting with the cool, the shadowrun fps prototype was built off the Halo CE engine. That's why you'll find a lot of similarities with aiming mechanics and movement.
  • There is a missing tech slot when cycling through the skill wheel, but it turns out there were two separate techs scrapped from the game.
  • The first tech slot scrapped was a grapple hook feature "a cross between spiderman's web shooter and batman's grapple gun" Not sure why it was scrapped but its hard to imagine this skills place within the game currently.
  • The second tech slot scrapped was apparently called "hologram" that was apparently scrapped due to the games drop in performance in 8v8 games where multiple tree's, minions, and holograms were constantly summoned. (just another concept taken from shadowrun, and shoe-horned into Halo)
  • When FASA Studios disbanded, the core of the team went to make up 343i's development team, but others also went to bungie, namely the entire brains behind Shadowrun, Sage Merril.
  • Despite rumors for multiple years, there was never a mad editor for Shadowrun.
  • There were however at least 3-4 maps that were cut from the game due to time restraints. To briefly explain why, FASA had numerous issues in development including switching art directors well into development, as well as shifting focus from a single player campaign game to a multiplayer only FPS.
  • 3 of the known map names are Cathedral, Grande, and Midtown. The 4th map was referred to "city streets:
  • I could only find two descriptions for two of the maps. Grande was supposed to be a town underneath an overpass, and Midtown was a night level consisting of multiple sky-scrapers, and lots of teleporting between them. You can fall in-between them and it made glider almost necessary on that map.
  • They decided that it would be better to ship less maps of higher quality than more maps with less quality. The scrapped maps are likely the reason for the late decision to make "small" versions of maps.
  • FASA had a lot of help early on from the counterstrike development team that worked on the 360 version. Although Power Station was their first prototype, they designed Dig Site to be loosely based off of de_dust2. Joe Waters helped them a lot early on.
  • There's a video somewhere on youtube that has way more dislikes than likes. I believe it's with one of the shadowrun dev's talking about cross-platform testing and how console had been edging out M+KB... deemed impossible by youtube and the rest of the interenet, I looked deep into this testing phase..
  • There were no notable console test players, but the only real notable PC test player was Fatal1ty.
  • Console had won the majority of cross-platform tests during development. It wasn't until they scaled down the auto-aim a bit, but the bullet magnetism A LOT.