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Shadowrun Chronicles: Boston Lockdown, formerly Shadowrun Online (SRO), is an online game, released on April 28th, 2015. The game is no longer playable due to servers being shut down on November 30, 2018.

For in-game stats, guides and other information please visit the Shadowrun Chronicles: Boston Lockdown Wikia


It is set in 2076 and connects to both the tabletop game's storyline as well as ties in to plots from Shadowrun Returns, and focusses on a magical accident unleashed by NeoNET.

Supposedly, it will eventually be followed by further campaigns elsewhere.


Shadowrun Chronicles is a tactical action RPG in isometric 3D, with emphasis on the RPG part. The game features two major parts: the action map, where a runner group executes missions turn-based, and the meta game, with a city map where the legwork, mission preparations, crafting of software, and character management takes place.

The campaign mode in Shadowrun Chronicles: Boston Lockdown can be tackled either solo or in co-op multiplayer mode. First, you create your own hero in true RPG fashion in a level-free character system and gradually assemble a formidable team of Runners. With over 50 different enemy types, the missions require smart and prudent planning, use of cover, suppressive fire, heavy weaponry and, of course, the well-considered use of powerful magic.

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