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Welcome to the Shadowrun NPCs section of the wiki!

First, a short note: by NPCs we mean everyone: canon and fan NPCs, but also player characters (one person's PC is another NPC...).

Creating NPCs for Shadowrun can be a time-consuming task, especially if you have to work out things like equipment, spells, cyberware, bioware, and more. All too often, designing the NPCs takes up more time than designing the rest of the adventure!

But there is no reason why every game master has to do all this work on his own. This Wiki is intended to be a repository where game masters can submit their own NPC creations so that others can use them in their games (and of course, players can also submit their own player characters so that others can use them as NPCs...).

To browse our NPCs, see Category:Sentient_entities. Note that we will list both canon and noncanon characters; the noncanon ones will be clearly marked with the pink Template:NonCanon.

To submit an NPC, read this: Help:New page

Write or copy the text, format it so it looks nice, and don't forget to add categories (see Help:Categories). Bascially, if you want to add a category, you add [[Category:Name]] - such as [[Category:Shadowrunners]] or [[Category:Corporate employees]] to the bottom of the article.

Also, please add NonCanon template if it is your own invention (to add a template, add {{NonCanon}} text to the top of the article).

See? It hardly takes any time at all to contribute to the Wiki - so don't hesitate!


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