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The The Shadowrun Reference Standard (SRS) defines a system for referencing Shadowrun products. The idea is to provide a method for web authors and internet posters to cite references to Shadowrun books in web sites, net.books, posts and even databases and other software in a way that is:

  • Unobtrusive. References should be as short as possible so they do not distract from the main text and take as little screen space as possible.
  • Unified. Everyone using the system should use the same system, eliminating confusion.
  • Flexible. References should be able to specify a page in a book, but also have the ability to site exact paragraphs and page ranges.

While this sounds a bit anal, the SRS was born from a need to fit page references into tables with very narrow columns. It suits this purpose very well, compressing a lot of information into a small space.

It should be mentioned that this system is not endorsed by FASA in any way.


Each Shadowrun product is given a two- to four-letter code. This code is used to indicate the book being referenced. This code is followed by a ".", then by a page number or a page range. If a single page is specified, it can also be followed with a comma and a column number. This can optionally be followed by another column and a paragraph number. The resulting syntax is as follows:

<code>.<page>[-<end page> | ,<column>[,paragraph] ]

This is easier to understand by looking at a view examples:

Code Meaning
azt.125 Aztlan Sourcebook, page 125.
azt.125-127 Aztlan Sourcebook, pages 125 through 127.
azt.125,2 Aztlan Sourcebook, page 125, column 2.
azt.125,2,3 Aztlan Sourcebook, page 125, column 2, paragraph 3.

Note that when a paragraph is specified, only full paragraphs are counted. If a column begins in the middle of a paragraph, the first paragraph is considered to be the paragraph following. Page and column references for paragraphs should always be given where the paragraph starts. Headings are not counted as paragraphs.


Here are the codes for all Shadowrun products:

Shadowrun Reference Standard Codes