Shandong is one of the Coastal Provinces.


Before the arrival of the Great Dragon Lung, the government was under the influence of two rival megacorps (Eastern Tiger and Mitsuhama). The arrival of the great dragon has ruined things for the megacorps as many of their puppets have disappeared (likely due to the Triads). It has resulted in the stabilization of local politics as some of the microstate neighbors are seriously contemplating rapprochment and even reunification.[1]


Heavily industrialised. Wuxing, Mitsuhama and other corporations have operations in the province.[2]

Sixth World in ShandongEdit


Though things were not all roses for metahumans when they appeared in China (e.g. parents abandoning ork and troll children), due to cultural factors the Han Chinese were more easily able to accept the emergence of metahumans than people in Japan, India, the Middle East, or some of the more conservative regions and nations in the West (e.g. the Confederation of American States or Spain). The treatment of metahumans is generally likewise better than in most of the world, especially compared to the CAS, Japan, or the Middle East. This is reflected in the Chinese megacorp Wuxing, Inc., their criminal syndicates (Triads), and in both Daoism and Buddhism.[3][4][5][6][7]


Magic was embraced by the Chinese relatively easily due to Daoism and Buddhism, and therefore its reintegration into Chinese society was far easier than it was in the Islamic nations or in most of the Catholic world. The Awakened are favored in Chinese society and the use of magic in society is greater than in the West as demonstrated by Wuxing, Inc., the state of Sichuan, the Triads, or Hong Kong.[8][9][10][11][12]


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