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Shannon Half-Sky is a Shadowrunner in Shadowrun Returns.


Shannon is a Salish shaman seeking answers behind the death of her brother. [1] To find these answers, she joins a group of shadowrunners, who were successful in their investigation of the events. Following this, she still mourns her brother but is glad to have achieved some closure. In gratitude, she was willing to work with these Runners for free. [2]



  • Fichetti Security 500


  • Haste I
  • Manabolt I


  • Force 2 Nature Elemental Fetish
  • Force 2 Nature Elemental Fetish
  • Basic Medkit


Strength 2 Quickness 4
Close Combat 1 Ranged Combat 3
Pistol 3
Dodge 1
Intelligence 4 Willpower 5
Spellcasting 2
Charisma 4 Body 4
Summoning 2
Spirit Control 2
Conjuring 5


  1. Shannon Half-Sky is a minor character in the Shadowrun Returns module Dead Man's Switch. She is a compulsory party member for that section of the story,
  2. In Game Terms: Following this, she can be hired on any subsequent mission for 0 nuyen.

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