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Sharon Chiang-Wu is the CEO of Wuxing.

Sharon Chiang-Wu owns 11% of the shares in Wuxing, Inc.[1] She was educated in Harvard where she met her future husband, Wu Lung-Wei. The woman is highly intelligent, and has played a major role in Wuxing. She helped her husband guide the corporation when he was CEO. Sharon is a Westernized Asian who is known for her forwardness.[2] She is the one who organizes the meetings, extinguishes any little fires, calms down members, and makes sure that the signatures are where they are needed. In 2061, she gave birth to quintuplets, all of them girls.[3]

Due to the increasingly erratic and desperate behavior of her husband, she was recently named CEO. It formalized what was already reality as she had become for all intents and purposes the CEO, running Wuxing during her husband's neglect. She has exceptional business sense and extraordinary diplomatic skills, smoothing over bad feelings from previous actions by Wuxing and building strategic alliances. Sharon has the ability to adapt when facing challenges and is remarkably resilient. To assist her, she has brought in capable people whom she delegates things to, giving them a lot of autonomy. Many underestimate her, because she is short and slender (though trim) and often soft spoken.[4]


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