Shasta Deer are Awakened creatures that live around Mount Shasta and the Shasta Dam. They greatly resemble ordinary mule deer. They appear reddish-brown in the summer and blue-grey in the winter, with a white rump patch and a black-tipped tail. Males have branched antlers, rather than tines extending from a single antler. There have been sightings of fawns with spotted coats.

They appear to be highly intelligent and have an undefined link to the nature spirits in the area. They are venerated by the Shasta Shamans and seem to have latent magical abilities, including some that have previously only been seen in spirits. They are mysterious creatures that have never been captured alive, although the Tír Tairngire Border Patrol has offered a 50,000 nuyen bounty for one. They exist only around the woodlands of Mount Shasta.

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