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Shen Yao-Xiang is the founder of the state of Manchuria.

In 2028, as Lt. Colonel Shen Yao-Xiang was preparing his forces to attack the communists he received a visit by 3 elderly Chinese on the eve of the planned attack. They advised him not to do as he planned, suggested a different plan of attack, and then vanished. He changed his plans as advised and routed the enemy with barely any casualties on his side. When they reappeared on the following night, he knelt in front of them and asked how he could repay them. They told him to return to Manchuria, break it away from China, and form a new nation. He did as he was told and returned to the land of his birth, where he raised a larger army and broke Manchuria away from China. He became it's first president and guided Manchuria through 8 peaceful and prosperous years before he stepped down from the office. Shen Yao-Xiang has a son, Kai-Xiang who is following in his footsteps.[1]


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