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Shibata Construction and Engineering or SCE is a Japanese corporation with its home office in San Fernando, in the JIS Prefecture of the Philippines Islands. Its CEO is Takako Shibata, and it is a member of the Pacific Prosperity Group. SCE is in the business of terrestrial and orbital habitat construction, maintenance and operation, as well as satellite placement and launch facilities. It also profits greatly from outsourced projects for other megacorporations, such as manufacturing for Yamatetsu's MetaErgonomics, Aztechnology space assets, and drone research for Mitsuhama.

SCE was initially a subsidiary of Mitsuhama, which helped Mitsuhama gain a space presence by launching satellites in 2023, but had fallen into disfavor in recent years, become little more than a tax writeoff to MCT. In 2059, during the Fuchi-Renraku fiasco, it obtained much of Fuchi's space assets. In addition, Yamatetsu injected a substantial amount of money into Shibata and the company left from under the Mitsuhama wing. Buttercup continues to hold a controlling share of Shibata.

In recent years, Shibata has entered into partnerships with Aztechnology, which granted Shibata the reconstruction and operation of Aztechnology's space facility, the Spindle, as well as Federated Boeing, in which the both Federated Boeing and Aztechnology helped Shibata with the development of the Kepler comet probe.