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The Shigeda-gumi was a Yakuza syndicate based in Seattle in the UCAS.

The Shigeda-gumi was a very progressive Yakuza gumi. Which had always been the most liberal of the clans in Seattle. Before the schism from the Watada-rengo, it was the Seattle clan with the most women and magicians in its ranks (percentage wise) though it kept the restrictions on metahumans.[1]

They were firm believers in the "New Way" and members of the Shotozumi-rengo. It's was the second largest Yakuza group in Seattle, and expanded its membership and operations after the successful conclusion of its campaign against the Seoulpa Rings and the traitorous Nishidon-gumi. The oyabun was a passionate follower of Shotozumi-sama's vision regarding the Shotozumi-rengo and challenging the old ways of the Watada-rengo. The gumi was much less traditional and far more eclectic than the Shotozumi-gumi.[2]

By 2070, The Shigeda clan handled most of the Yakuza operations in northern and western Seattle (Everett, Snohomish, and Auburn) as well as the Redmond Barrens, having picked up these operations after the fall of Nishidon-gumi when the Shotozumi-rengo destroyed them in 2064.  It should be noted that the Shigeda had a number of Nishidon "orphans" in their ranks from this event. The Shigeda also oversaw most of Seattle's Yakuza smuggling routes, opening up several new routes thanks to deals with the Kawaru-gumi in Vladisvostok and Nagato Combine in New Jersey.

After the assassination of its oyabun Takeo Shigeda and his son, the clan dissolved. From its remnants the Old School clan, the Kanaga-gumi was established. The foreigners and metahumans within its ranks were expelled.[3]


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