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In the Sixth World naval organization has seen some changes since the days when the United States dominated the globe as a lone super power.

Ship prefixes[]

  • ACSAres Commercial Ship, noncombat ships operates by Ares Macrotechnology.
  • AFSAres Fleet Ship, Ares Macrotechnology Corporate Navy
  • BAABarco de Armada Aztlan (Ship of Navy Aztlan), Aztlan Navy and Aztechnology Military
  • BCABarco de Corporation Aztechnology, Aztech corporate Navy, Shipping, and Merchant Marine
  • CSSConfederated States Ship, CAS Navy
  • DASDeutsche Allianz Schiffe (German Alliance Ship), Allied German States Navy
  • HMSHis/Her Majesty's Ship, British Royal Navy
  • MFMiyasama Fune (His Imperial Majesty's Ship), Imperial Japanese Navy
  • USSUnited States Ship, UCAS Navy
  • SKSSaeder-Krupp Schiffe, Saeder-Krupp Ships, both military/security and shipping.

Ship classes[]


Class Tonnage Notes
Freighter > 100 k Giant trans-oceanic cargo ships.
Heavy carrier > 75 k Only used by the Imperial Japanese Navy, the UCAS Navy, and Saeder-Krupp. All massing over 100 kT, hence the colloquialism "supercarrier".
Dreadnought > 50 k none still in service.
Merchantman < 100 k Regional passenger and cargo transport.
Medium carrier 40–50 k Used by CAS Navy, Great Britain, France, Russia, the Canton Confederation, etc.
Battleship 25–50 k none still in service.
Light carrier 10–25 k Limited to helicopters, or VTOL aircraft. Used for amphibious operations.
Cruiser 10–25 k General naval combat.
Destroyer 5–10 k Usually tasked for air defense, surface warfare, or anti-submarine warfare.
Frigate 1 – 5 k Usually tasked for escort duty or anti-submarine warfare.
Corvette 500–1000 Although very vulnerable to anti-ship weapons their maneuverability gives them an advantage in restricted waters. Popular with both CAS and Aztlan.
Patrol vessel 200–500 Good for coast and large river patrols. Armed with MMG, HMG, or Assault cannon
Trawler 200–500 Small ship used for fishing, as a ferry, or for surveillance.
Harbor tug 100–200 Heavy duty utility boat.


Class Tonnage Notes
Heavy commercial sub 25–50 k Used by corps to transport passengers and cargo.
Boomer 10–50 k SSBN – Nuclear missile subs, CAS still maintains a fleet.
SSGN – Anti-ship, and conventional land-attack missiles.
Medium commercial sub 5–10 k Used by corps to transport passengers and cargo.
Attack sub 5–10 k Naval combat, and boomer hunting.
Patrol sub 1 – 5 k Used in seas and very large lakes
Light commercial sub 500–1000 Used by corps to transport passengers and cargo.
Heavy minisub 50–99 Transport between Aquacologies and surface vessels.
Medium minisub 25–49 Half-dozen passengers, used for construction and maintenance.
Light minisub 10–24 One or two passengers, used for pleasure or espionage.
Bathyscaph Deep sea research and exploration
Sea sled < 10 Drones, could be used as a "scooter"


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