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Shotozumi-gumi is a Yakuza syndicate based in Seattle, in the UCAS.

The Shotozumi-gumi is led by oyabun Hanzo Shotozumi. In the 2060s, he broke away from Watada-rengo,[1][2] in an event known as the Shotozumi Uprising. He did this because of the way Oyabun Watada had been treating its members. The gumi is now the leader of the recently established Shotozumi-rengo.[3] The Shotozumi-gumi is of the "Old School" and is very conservative.[4]

Recently Hanzo Shotozumi has been accepting women into ranks, with his prodigal daughter Keiko Shotozumi having been placed in charge of a program which enlists women (half- Japanese and metahuman) for specific tasks and duties. He doesn't want to sully his men, so the women have the duty of taking on "distasteful" jobs.[5] The Shotozumi-gumi continues to be an openly racist syndicate that discriminates against metahumans, Japanese of mixed-heritage, and women. Hanzo Shotozumi aims to keep his clan ethnically and racially pure.[6]

In Seattle, it's Yakuza territory is the International District which it controls and also in Downtown and Tacoma.[7][8][9][10] The clan is involved in a wide variety of criminal activities, including gambling, prostitution (e.g. bunraku) and BTL distribution. Among it's criminal enterprises is the production and distribution of BTLs at the Regency Megamedia studios (after hours) which is based in downtown Seattles, including porn and snuff.[11]

They are also referred to as the Shotozumi-rengo.


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