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Shotozumi-rengo (operations)

The Shotozumi-rengo is a Yakuza syndicate based in Seattle in the UCAS.

Factions:' 8 (used to be 10)


The Shotozumi-rengo was formed out of the betrayal of the Watada-rengo by oyabun Hanzo Shotozumi in the 2060s,[1][2] in an event known as the Shotozumi Uprising. He broke away from Watada-rengo because of the way Oyabun Watada had been treating its members.

Shotozumi-sama has proven to be a very persuasive leader whom displays extensive shows of support for other members, and encourages them to follow his example. Which has led to a web of obligation and a spirit of cooperation among the members of the rengo.[3] Three of its members are based in Seattle, which are; Shotozumi-gumi, Kenran-kai, and Shigeda-gumi.[4]

Also referred to as the Shotozumi-gumi, they are of the "Old School" and are very conservative.[​4]​

Criminal Network[]

Nation-states with syndicate members of the Shotozumi-rengo;[5]

Member Syndicates[]

Individual boryokudan in the Shotozumi-rengo;[5]

From Previous Editions[]

Prior to the release of the Underworld Sourcebook in 1997, Hanzo Shotozumi is listed as the oyabun of the Dungeness Crabs, in the Seattle Sourcebook and Elven Fire [6][7]. The Dungeness Crabs are listed in the Seattle Sourcebook as the sprawl's leading yakuza clan.

Dungeness Crabs[]

The Dungeness Crabs receive mentions in the Shadowrun timeline, with a 2010 entry:

"The Yakuza of Seattle is given official recognition as the Dungeness Crabs of the 87th Prefecture by the oyabun of the Watada-rengo in ChibaJapan. This approval of and support for their activities allows the Seattle Yakuza to grow rapidly and expand its operations."

After the Underworld Sourcebook, there are no more mentions of the Dungeness Crabs, instead Hanzo Shotozumi is listed as the oyabun of the Shotozumi-gumi. There are no further mentions of the "Dungeness Crabs".

87th Prefecture[]

Japan of the Fifth World only has 47 prefectures, and in 2010 (prior to the Sixth World), had not yet invaded the Philippines (although Japanese military aid was provided to corporate interests in the Philippines, it was not yet declared a Japanese prefecture until 2022).

The Shadowrun timeline entry for 2044 states:

Hanzo Shotozumi is appointed the oyabun of the 87th Prefecture in Seattle. He re-institutes and enforces traditional yakuza ways and values, and begins an aggressive campaign to expand yakuza operations in the Pacific Northwest.


From 2010 to 2044, the yakuza in Seattle were loyal to the Watada-rengo. At some point "in the early 2060s" Hanzo Shotozumi breaks away from the Watada to form the Shotozumi-rengo.


The japanese word "sendosha" means "agitator" or "instigator".

The novel Into the Shadows[8] mentions:

"One of the Sendosha subclans, the Mizu-Kagayaite. First surfaced in Tokyo about twenty-eight years ago [[[2022]]] as one of the New Century Yakuza clans. Allegedly, the Sendosha have a lot of pull over the local Dungeness Crab chapter."

The year 2022 in Japan saw the creation of Yomi Island, and the Donan War. In context, Sendosha and New Century Yakuza refers to a set of upstart or young yakuza alliances, having a "lot of pull" over the Seattle yakuza.


The Japanese word "mizu" is part of the yakuza slang "Mizu Shobai", meaning literally "The Water Trade", and referring to nighttime entertainment business in Japan, provided by hostess or snack bars, bars, and cabarets.

The Japanese word "kagayaite" means "sparkling".


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