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The Silent Reeds Tong is based in the city of London in the United Kingdom.


The Silent Reeds Tong was established by Kung Soo an emigre from Hong Kong who arrived in London in the late 1990s and ended up working for the then dominant Tong in London, which was the Zhing Wo Tong. He rapidly climbed its ranks and when it went to war with the Xiao Ziang Family in 2017, he and his men switched sides.

Kung Soo ended up as the new gang boss in London. Ever since he held absolute power over the London Tongs. He built a criminal empire (Silent Reeds Tong) that rivaled that of the mighty Si Peng and Xiao Ziang families of the north.[1]


The Silent Reed Tong are involved in drug dealing, gambling, BTL chips, guns, bioware, prostitution, and extortion. It has corrupted most of London's senior officers and likely has infiltrated the UK's small corporate security outfits. Controlling the Tong are Kung Soo and his extended family.[1]

In 2050, Kung Soo (now the "grandfather" of the Tong) got the syndicate into Matrix crime.[2] The Silent Reeds now have the largest and most powerful criminal empire in the UK.[1] They dominate the British underworld to such an extent, that every Triad in the UK pays it tribute.[3][4]


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