Silvery K was born Kimberly Robinson in the 2030s in the rural midwest of the United States.

An albino, she was shunned and ostracized due her physical appearance, so instead found solace in the Matrix. On graduating Magna Cum Laude with a degree in Computer Science from the University of Chicago she chose to live life as an independent, rather than joining a corp. Due to an extreme sensitivity to light, this allowed her to work her own hours, mainly at night.

She developed a good reputation as a quality programmer for hire, and in 2057 she became the recipient of an IC breaking program of unprecedented complexity, a bequest from the late dragon Dunkelzahn. She is suspected to have been part of an information gathering network run by the dragon, though whether she knew this is unclear.

In 2058 Silvery K joined the Denver Nexus. It is unknown what prompted Bash and Shiva to allow Silvery K to join the Nexus team, but suspicions point to either that she gathered dirt on them using the IC breaker, or shared the IC breaker with them as her "entry fee".

Her primary focus at the Nexus is programming, enhancing the features and defenses of the IC and other constructs in use. She is also well connected with, or possibly in charge of, at least one identity forging crime ring.

Her icon is a woman made entirely from flowing, liquid silver. When she uses utilities, she pulls and shapes them from her liquid self.

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