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Picture from Paranormal Animals of North America

The Siren (Siren canori) resembles a small pterodactyl with a 2.5-meter wingspan and a short parrot-like beak. The wings have small "hands" halfway up the upper portion of the wings. It ranges in color from dusky brown to off-white, with the darker portions on the dorsal side. The beak is light brown, shading to black at the tip. Genetic typing has found no known progenitor for the species yet.

The Siren is a fast and maneuverable diurnal predator of birds, fish, and small land animals. Sirens are found hunting in flocks, but are just as often solitary creatures. The breeding season lasts throughout the year, and females lay up to four single eggs per year. Remarkably, hatchlings emerge from the egg in 40 to 50 days and can fly and hunt within 5 days of birth. They grow to full adult size within months.

Sirens are well known for having a high-pitched musical song that has a hypnotic effect on listeners. There have been case reports of Sirens attacking metahumans. They appear to be immune to most toxins, pesticides, diseases, and poisons, and thus have been difficult to exterminate. They are found in mountainous regions throughout the world.

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