The Sisters Sinister are a gang based in New York City.

The Sinister Sisters are an all women's gang. It has a presence in both New York City and Newark (New Jersey). In NY City, it was one of the many gangs fighting for dominance in the lower east side of the island of Manhattan, in an area called "The Pit".[1][2] Which ended when the Cutters emerged victorious in that gang war.[3]

The gang includes humans and metahumans of all types. A few males are kept as the property of the gang (e.g. neck manacles from which they are chained). The gang works for the Yakuza of the Nagato Combine.[4] The gang is into dealing BTLs and drugs, and the sex trade (both pimping and prostitution). Members know how to fight and use weapons, and some of them have augmentation and/or implanted weapons (e.g. nail blades, spurs, or a belly blade).[5]

Some groups or factions within the gang have members who sport menacing facial tattoos and slashcut hair. They wear grim synthleather with studs, chains, and spikes.[6] Other Sisters Sinister wear leather clothing that's often explicitly designed to highlight their feminine "charms" (e.g. high-heeled boots and corsets). It helps them in seducing, distracting, or manipulating men.[7]


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