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The Skraacha (Or'zet: Scorchers) is both an Ork gang and ethnic mafia based in Seattle's underground (aka, the Ork Underground).

Membership: unknown (medium-sized)


The Skraacha is the largest gang in the Seattle Underground. It is kind of an ethnic mafia which provides the foot soldiers that protects the community and preys on outsiders.[1] It's members are usually augmented (normally with muscle replacement) and have access to armor vests, as well as assault rifles.[2] They also have a branch in the city of Chicago where it's one of the more important gangs that are part of the trog Horde.[3]

Neighborhood Watch[]

The Skraacha was founded by bands of orks in the Underground during Crash 2.0 to protect their turf, as they figured nobody else was going to do it which turned out to be true. After things got settled down, they got organized and started to patrol the Underground. The Skraacha now act as both the neighborhood watch and a vigilante group.[4]

Ork Pride[]

In the Underground, the orks are fiercely proud of the Skraacha. Who have turned out to be beneficial for angry, troublesome young orks who are looking to start trouble. The Skraacha gives them disciple and direction. Members will come out to support metahuman rights demonstrations and rallies, and they keep a vigil on the Crying Wall. Sometimes the gang goes out looking for a fight with anti-metahuman racists like Humanis. It's members treat being in the gang as if it was a warrior badge-of-honor.[5]

Criminal Enterprises[]

The Skraacha aren’t guardian angels, either. They are up to their tusks in arms smuggling and making money off smuggling goods into other parts of the ‘plex, and not above burglaries and muggings of anyone they consider a “Humanis sympathizer” or an “enemy of the ork people.”[6][7] Due to their gunrunning, the gang has pretty decent weaponry and it's members also provide escorts and muscle for smugglers.[8] The Chicago branch participates in the bloodsport events and rutra matches (ork martial arts) staged by the Horde, performs raids, and collects a toll on travelers going through their turf like the other member gangs.[9]


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