Smartgun refers to advanced (if common by late 21st century) guns incorporating electronic systems that link to users other gadgets and provide improved targeting. Without a receptor (cyberware smartlink and cybereye or HUD-enabled helmet, goggles, glasses or similar equipment) the hardware will not provide any benefits.

Available in internal and external versions, the smartgun system provides a feedback circuit relating the gun's angle of fire to the shooter's line of sight. The internal smartgun system is built into the gun, while the external system mounts on the weapon (top- or underbarrel positions) and can be transferred from weapon to weapon, with one hour of maintenance and alignment.

Typical smartgun functions include control over a laser range finder and a small camera (allowing for targeted shooting around corners), keeping track of ammunition, heat buildup, and material stress, quick (mental command) switching between gun modes, ejecting clips, and firing the gun. Additional functions may include aid in ballistic fire for weapons like mortars, advanced sniping software (with wind analysis, etc.) and so on.

Smartguns can be controlled remotely.

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