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Smedley Pembrenton III (aka Boom) is a heavily augmented male British troll. In his youth, he was a Shadowrunner and ran with Tommy Talon, and later became a Watcher for Dunkelzahn. As of the 2070's he became a fixer in Boston and runs the Avalon nightclub.

He was left the Avalon by Dunkelzahn in his will.

To Smedley Pembrenton III, I leave the Avalon nightclub in Boston and all deeds and titles associated with it.

He also has dealings with Damon. Either Damon has investments in the Avalon, or Smedley helps him push Damon's BADs.

As of 2076, he is still running the Avalon in Boston and helping his connections to survive in the Quarantine Zone. He sents runners to deliver supplies to a Dr. Brain.[1] He also hired runners to capture CFD infected for a Dr. Volt.[2]

Shadowrun Chronicles: Boston Lockdown[]

Smedley (full name: Smedley Pembrenton III) is a major character in Shadowrun Chronicles: Boston Lockdown. He is boss of the Chinatown district of Boston as well as a mover and shaker in the city as a whole. He contracts shadowrunners such as Payday to perform various tasks for him. This is what brings him into contact with the player character, for whom he has various missions. Smedley is a middle-aged troll who affects an elegant appearance, wearing suit pants, a suit vest, and a monocle, though one of his horns has been broken off, suggesting he is no stranger to violence.

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Smedley appears in Steve Kenson's books and is reportedly a former PC in his group.