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The Smoke Circle-Black Chrysanthemum War was a conflict between two Triads in Hong Kong for control of the BAD drug Tempo.


In 2071, the Smoke Circle Society and the Black Chrysanthemum Triad had an agreement with each other in which the Smoke Circle Society had exclusive rights to the distribution of BADs in Hong Kong, and the Black Chrysanthemum had the same in regards to the Coastal Provinces.[1]

Tempo War[]

The Black Chrysanthemum Triad got greedy and broke the agreement by marketing BADs in Hong Kong. Upon discovering this the Smoke Circle Society took action. Soon they were sabotaging each other and then it escalated into brutal conflict as they armed addicts and unleashed dangerous spirits against each other.

Hong Kong police sealed off the Kowloon City district for 5 days, and during that time the Triads used military-grade explosives in their battle while uncontrolled spirits rampaged through the Kowloon City. By the conclusion of the battle, the total dead from the battle and its associated fallout was in the 10,000s.[1]


The Smoke Circle Society lost 50% of its strength and the Black Chrysanthemum Triad lost 30% of its strength. The conflict continues between the two but at a lower intensity.[1]


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