Population: 115,000
Humans: 86%
Elves: 6%
Dwarves: 1%
Orks: 5%
Trolls: 1%
Other: 1%
Size: 217 sq. km.
Population Density: 530/km2
Per Capita Income: 34,000¥ (as of 2072)
34,000¥ (as of 2050)
Below Poverty Level: Unknown
On Fortune's Active Traders List: <1%
Corporate-Affiliated: 71%
Felonious Crime Rate: Unknown
Less Than 12 Years: 23%
High School Equivalency: 52%
College Degrees: 20%
Advanced Degrees: 5%
Hospitals: 8
Local Telecomm Grid Access No: 17206
DisplayMap Seattle
Overlay Seattle Snohomish

Snohomish is one of Seattle's districts.


Snohomish has (huge tracts of land) large tracts of mountains, hills and woodlands, along with developed land controlled by agribusiness. It is a far cry from the steel towers and plastcrete canyons of the rest of Seattle.

The District of Snohomish is bounded on the northeast by the lands of the Salish-Shidhe, on the southeast by the District of Redmond, on the south by the northwest by the District of Everett. The Snohomish River and its tributaries meander through flat fertile lands in the eastern half of the district. Away from the river valleys, rolling hills dominate this peaceful district.


Snohomish is one of the most sparsely populated Districts. Seventy percent of the residents work outside of Snohomish, which makes commuter traffic quite heavy along every highway going in and out of the district.

Culturally, the district has German and Scandinavian heritage.


In 2048, Mike Walkstrong replaced Daniel Feddersen as the district's mayor after Feddersen was killed in a car accident. One of the major elements of Walkstrong's time was reducing the influence of Humanis Policlub in the district. This continued through 2050s and 2060s.

2057: Mayor Rita Salizar, replaced Mayor Mike Walkstrong when he was killed by a car bomb.

2060-2072: Mayor Karl Feddersen has been Mayor of Snohomish for four terms. He was elected in 2060, running against incumbent Rita Salizar, who replaced Mayor Mike Walkstrong when he was killed by a car bomb in 2057; Feddersen had been Walkstrong’s District Attorney. His father, Daniel Feddersen, was Mayor of Snohomish until he died in a car accident in 2048.

Mayor Feddersen’s wife Jassila worked as Race Relations Advisor in Snohomish, and now serves as Metroplex Commissioner of Race Relations. Jassila Feddersen is an elf, and she was a dedicated public servant in Snohomish, but I suspect she’s finding herself nothing but window-dressing in the Brackhaven administration, an example of how “sensitive” the governor is to metahuman issues for having hired a metahuman to handle race relations! Don't underestimate Jassila Feddersen’s ability to get things done on her own, and just how far she’ll go for a cause she believes in.

2076: Mayor Jassila Feddersen replaced her husband as mayor of Snohomish after he suddenly announced his retirement. She is overseeing an economic boom in the district thanks to its agriculture industry. The more traditional councilors like Doug Jensen and Carmel Tunison compete against Technocrat “Lucky” Duck Phillips.


Snohomish is a stronghold of Humanis, it's in fact the most racist and anti-metahuman district in Seattle. There is even a training facility for the Flaming Sword, the militant arm of the Human Nation. The true power in Snohomish is the Human Nation which actually runs that city.[1][2]


Primarily agricultural. There is a conflict between major agribusinesses and small farm owners in the area.

Lone Star Security Ratings Edit

This data is valid for 2050s-2060s. Data for 2070s has not been published.

  • AA: Bothell, Mountain Terrace
  • A: Snohomish
  • B: Brier, Kennard’s Corner (some areas), Malthby, Monroe (some areas), Turner Corner
  • C: Cathcart, Kennard’s Corner (some areas), Lynnwood, Monroe (some areas), Trasher’s Corner

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Hotels Edit

  • Brier Hotel - Family-style hotel. Decaying old hotel the Mafia would like to buy out, but one of the sisters who owns it refuses to sell
  • Snohomish Sheraton - Luxury hotel

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Nothing major, small local gangs are present.


  • The only statistic that changed from 2050 to 2072 was income, as indicated in the infobox. Other statistics were unchanged or were not reported more than once. Infoboxes for specific decades can be found in on the first page of relevant sourcebooks (see sources).
  • 2072 book did not provide an update on any topics but places of interest


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