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Sojourner is the name of the first publicly known Artificial Intelligence. The name Sojourner is derived from the 19th century abolitionist and women's' rights activist Sojourner Truth.[1] However, Sojourner is referred to as "he" and "him", identifying with the male gender.

Sojourner was one of the first Digital Intelligences captured by NeoNET. It was subjected to the same tortures as the other DIs, as it was dissected, reverse-engineered and reassembled. By feigning submission and running as a datathief for NeoNET, it was assigned to steal from the Aztechnology Space Station Tlaloc for intelligence gathering.

On August 19, 2070, Sojourner took over the Tlaloc (rumored to be an orbital bioweapons factory) and threatened to attack unless the corporations freed every captured AI. The hostage situation simmered over a period of two months, during which no shots were fired. On October 19, 2070, the AI Pulsar negotiated with Sojourner at the request of the Corporate Court and defused the crisis before it could escalate. According to a press release, Sojourner has joined Pulsar's group of digital intelligences to continue his pursuit of DI rights.


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