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Sons of Sauron (working with ghouls)

Sons of Sauron is a militant policlub of Trolls and Orks.


The Sons of Sauron could be either viewed as a terrorist organization or a band of freedom fighters, depending on what side of the street you're standing on. What the Human Nation and Alamos 20,000 are to Humanis, the Sons of Sauron are to ORC, MOM, and the Empowerment Coalition. It receives financing, information, and other assistance from various sources including ORC.[1]

Over its history the Sons of Sauron have been responsible for bombing public and municipal buildings, the kidnapping and murder of government and corporate targets and a wide assortement of other crimes. Their claim is that they act to protect their own people since the government will not protect them. They believe that instead the government is often complicit in the injustices against them.[2][3]

The largest Sons of Sauron chapter as of 2079 is in Los Angeles. One of the primary reasons for this is the patronage of the Trid Star Kat Berg. A public advocate for MOM, she works hard to improve the lives of orks and trolls in SoCal. Berg is also a major sponsor of the Sons of Sauron, acting as a Johnson for the group and a primary source of contracts benefitting both MOM and the Sons of Sauron.[4]

It is a worldwide organization with branches in a number of major cities and nations. They can be found not only in the UCAS but in countries like Russia and China. With strongholds in cities like Lagos and Hong Kong. One of their most important bases is in the communist state of Henan, which not only provides them with sanctuary but lets them establish training facilities and provides them with covert support in their international activities.[5][6][7][8]

To give some insight into the group, the following excerpt is presented from a 2064 posting by a Sons of Sauron member going by the name of Kronos;

"Listen up, there's no way the nonviolent solution is going to work. Not when we're up against prejudice and discrimination from all sides. The Sons of Sauron are about pride and about action. The humans fear us because of our size and strength, so we use that to our advantage. We take the fight where it needs to go—to Humanis's doorstep, to corps who won't hire trolls and orks, to clinics who sterilize metahumans in the name of "helping." Every year, our membership and our influence are expanding, and now you can find us all over the world. We don't wait for our enemies to start things—that's a nice sentiment, but why should we play by rules we didn't write?"


The Sons of Sauron are organized into cells, to prevent the blowback from their terrorist actions impacting the whole organization. Each small group is isolated with only a small amount of overlap to provide some intercell communication. Which is normally done on the Matrix to add both anonymity and distance. Some cells use old-fashioned clandestine communication methods and the dead drop. The "Sons" of the Sons of Sauron are the grunts.

Hands of Sauron are the elite forces within the organization. Which is also cell-based but they never have more than six specially trained operatives in each cell. Most of the members double as members of a regular cell, often influencing them to operate as distractions for the Hand's operations.

Eyes of Sauron are the information-gathering branch and spy network. They operate in overlapping trios, with each member knowing two others. Information is passed along the network and all are members of a regular Sauron cell to facilitate communication.[9]


The Sons of Sauron have strong ties with some of the most vicious trog gangs (e.g. Goblin Horde and the Ragers). Coordinating between most of the cells within SOS and its supporting gangs is rumored to be a troll that goes by the name of Gothmog.

Within the prison systems of North America (outside of Aztlan), the Sons of Sauron control a prison gang network. Rafa "Split Lip" Gonzalez (who was imprisoned in San Quentin for gunning down a Humanis policlub politician and his entire family at a wedding), runs the SOS's prison gang network.[10] There are also gangs who wear the colors of SOS including in Seattle, which among other things are into inciting metahuman crowds to riot.[11][12][13]


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