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A Fistful of Data
Source cover en A Fistful of Data.jpg
Author Stephen Dedman
Publication information
Publisher Roc Books
Publication date 2006
ISBN 0-451-46116-9
Language English

A Fistful of Data is a Shadowrun novel by Stephen Dedman. (Wizkids)

It depicts the struggles of a group of squatters and top-class Shadowrunners who live and protect the Crypt, an abandoned factory in Puyallup, Seattle. They are protecting their home from the machinations of a disgraced Aztechnology company man and his decker friend, together known as the Mad Hatter and the March Hare who have found the location of a missing ORO experiment to cure goblinization created prior to 2026, titled GBX-IV.

When the pair discover it's in the Crypt, they purchase the land and hire mercs to depose the squatters from their lifelong home. When the mission backfires (resulting in several deaths on both sides), it's up to the top-class runners to find out why the mysterious new owner wants the Crypt so badly.

In the end a massive fight goes down, the runners manage to escape and plan the Shadowrun to end all Shadowruns - a run into the Aztechnology Pyramid in downtown Seattle.

Detailed information[]


  • German: Für eine Handvoll Daten
  • Hungarian: Egy maréknyi adat