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A Killing Glare
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Publication information
Publisher FASA Corporation
Publication date 1993/01
Stock number FAS7314
Language English
Pages 64
Edition 2nd
Type adventure
Sixth World
Time frame 2054

A Killing Glare is a Shadowrun 2nd edition Adventure set in 2054. It details a shadowrun that takes place in the shadows of Seattle's Urban Brawl sports circuit. The runners investigate two star Urban Brawl players named Punch and Judy, who are actually former shadowrunners named Top Cat and Starlight. A top Aztechnology assassin named Kyle Morgan and his dragon partner Perianwyr have been searching for them, as well as an old runner teammate named Bubba. The adventure culminates in a scene where the runner team has to infiltrate the Super Brawl, Urban Brawl's penultimate competition.

The adventure has an abbreviated version of Urban Brawl rules.

Detailed information[]

Cast of Shadows[]

Related Sourcebooks and Novels[]

  • Kyle Morgan and Perianwyr appear in other Shadowrun Adventures, including o98649350Mercurial.
  • Perianwyr has a cameo in o45457298Dragons of the Sixth World and several other sourcebooks.