Blood Sport
Source cover en Blood Sport
Author Lisa Smedman
Publication information
Publisher Roc Books
Publication date 1998
ISBN 0-451-45625-4
Language English

Blood Sport is a Shadowrun novel by Lisa Smedman.

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Let The Games Begin

Mama Grande streaked through Leni's life like a bad dream. She arrived out of nowhere, claiming to be the ex-Lone Star detective's grandmother. She prophesied rivers of blood and an earth in flames. But her murder was even more bizarre: she died at the hands of two Yucatán missionaries hiding a secret of the Gods.

With combat biker wannabe Rafael in tow, Leni dives into Mama Grande's past... and hurtles into the dark heart of Aztlan - where human sacrifice is all the rage, and where ancient ceremonial games could trigger the end of the world. Are they crazy cultists of true harbingers of doom? The closer Leni and Rafael get to the answer, the nearer they move to the brink of oblivion. Either way, their futures could be cancelled....


  • German: Blutige Jagd
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