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Born to Run
Source cover en Born to Run.jpg
Author Stephen Kenson
Publication information
Publisher Roc Books
Publication date 2005
ISBN 0-451-46058-8
Language English
Pages 320

Born to Run is a Shadowrun novel by Stephen Kenson. (Kellan Colt)

Born to Run is one of the new Shadowrun novels from Wizkids. This novel represents a break between the FASA series of Shadowrun novels and the new one, published by ROC and WizKids.

As the first book in a new generation of Shadowrun novels, Born to Run takes the point of view of a new shadowrunner who has come to Seattle to make a name for herself. The novel uses it's main protagonists status as a new shadowrunner as a way to introduce new gamers and readers to the shadowrun universe.

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  • German: Born to Run
  • Hungary: Szüetlett vadász

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