Bottled Demon
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Publication information
Publisher FASA Corporation
Publication date 1990
Stock number 7305
ISBN 1-55560-124-3 978-1555601249
Language English
Pages 64
Edition 1st
Type adventure
Sixth World
Time frame 2050

Product Summary[edit | edit source]

Bottled Demon is a 1st edition Shadowrun Adventure that takes place in 2050. It is a magic-heavy shadowrun that centers around an evil artifact known only as "The Idol". A local talismonger named Topal acquires a demonic-looking idol of great power. After realizing the great evil within the idol, he attempts to sell the idol to a group of Elven scholars. Topal hires shadowrunners to guard him, which becomes a prudent move as a hitman named Blackwing also is seeking the idol. Blackwing disposes of the Elven scholars, which catches the ire of Captain Grissim of the local Lone Star division. The runners soon become the target of choice for both Blackwing and Lone Star for the idol, the hottest commodity on the streets. When the idol is given to the dragon Geyswain, the Great Feathered Serpent Arleesh appears to clean things up.

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  • Arleesh appears in a number of other Shadowrun Adventures and sourcebooks.

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