Source cover en DNA DOA
Author Dave Arneson
Full Credits see here
Publication information
Publisher FASA Corporation
Publication date 1989
Stock number 7301
ISBN 1-55560-113-8
Language English
Pages 64
Edition 1st
Sixth World
Time frame 2050

DNA/DOA is a 1st edition Shadowrun Adventure that takes place in 2050. The run revolves around stealing a retrovirus from Aztechnology. Biogene Technologies and Alamos 20,000 both want the virus, dubbed the Metagene virus. Unfortunately, the Metagene virus causes several mutations as a result of an accident.

The adventure also introduces elements of the Ork Underground and has references to the Night of Rage.

This adventure is also notable due to the author, Dave Arneson, one of the earliest roleplaying games writers and one of the co-founders of Dungeons and Dragons.

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  • German: DNA/DOA
  • Hungary: Végzetes DNS
  • Italian: DNA/DOA
  • Portuguese(Brazil): Metagen
  • Spanish: DNA/DOA

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