Dead Air
Source cover en Dead Air
Author Jak Koke
Cover art Doug Anderson
Publication information
Publisher Roc Books
Publication date 1996
ISBN 0-451-45375-1 978-0451453754
Language English
Pages 288

Dead Air is a Shadowrun novel by Jak Koke.

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Jacked-In, Revved-Up, And Armed To The Teath

It's fast and furious inside the Combat Biker maze, where armor-plated hogs and juiced-up rice grinders blast, pound, and pummel each other for points. But it's just barely up to speed for Jonathon and Tamara, two elven bikers at the head of the Los Angeles Sabers. With a simsense link between them that allows them to act virtually as one, they're been tearing up the league and making headlines.

But all that changes when Tamara takes a brutal hit from the cyberspurs of Dougan Rose, lead linebiker for the New Orleans Buzzsaws and the most respected player in the league. When Tamara gets slammed, Jonathon's out for revenge. But it isn't going to be easy. Because there's a lot more to this sabotage than meets the eye - and if the megacorp agents, simsens industry operatives, and hostile mages don't kill him, the truth probably will....


  • German: Funkstille
  • French: La deuxième mort de Jonathon Winger
  • Hungarian: Üres éter

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