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Elven Fire
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Publication information
Publisher FASA Corporation
Publication date 1991
Stock number 7310
Language English
Pages 70
Original price $8.00
Edition 1st (with DMZ character stats and Rigger Black Book vehicle stats)
Type adventure
Sixth World
Time frame 2053

Elven Fire is an adventure for the first Edition of Shadowrun.

Detailed information[]


Gang violence is on the increase in Seattle, and a Lone Star detective takes it upon himself to hire the player characters to investigate the cause of this phenomenon. Lone Star as a corp, though, has decided that the proper way to deal with it is to institute martial law—and governor Schultz agrees with them. The PCs are the only ones who can stop this from happening. It turns out that someone is trying to destroy the Ancients go-gang, using a fake gang called "Elven Fire" to make other Seattle gangs go to war with the Ancients. Unfortunately, some yakuza members were killed in an Elven Fire attack, thus bringing the crime syndicate into the picture as well. All the while, the specter of the governor declaring martial law hangs over the PCs' heads as well. Eventually, the PCs find out that the cause of all the trouble is a Tir Tairngire agent, and the final scene of the adventure is a big gunfight between this agent, the PCs, the Ancients, and possibly Lone Star as well.

Notes: Elven Fire includes notes for playing out a big combat in the middle of the adventure using DMZ rules.


  • French: Elven Fire (Descartes Editeur)

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