Shadowrun Wiki
  • Writing:
    • Anatomy of a Shadowrun: Steve Ratkovitch, Costán Sequeiros and Malik Toms with Rob Boyle and Elissa Carey
    • It’s Who You Know: Robyn King-Nitschke
    • Where It’s At: Malik Toms
    • On the Run: Malik Toms with Robyn King-Nitschke
    • Game Information: Rob Boyle, Elissa Carey and Steve Ratkovitch,
  • Product Development: Rob Boyle
  • Shadowrun Line Developer: Rob Boyle
  • Editing: Rob Boyle, Elissa Carey, Jack Graham, Michelle Lyons
  • Art:
    • Art Direction: Rob Boyle
    • Cover Art: Adi Granov
    • Cover Design: Jason Vargas
    • Layout: Jason Vargas
    • Illustration: Dave Allsop, Steven Bagatzky, Shane Coppage, Steve Ellis, Larry MacDougal, Marc Sasso, Klaus Scherwinski
    • Special Thanks to: Thanks also to Christian Lonsing and Jason Hardy for your input.