Poison Agendas
Source cover en Poison Agendas
Author Stephen Kenson
Cover art Marc Sasso
Publication information
Publisher Roc Books
Publication date 2006
ISBN 0-451-46063-4 978-0451460639
Language English
Pages 288

Poison Agendas is a Shadowrun novel by Stephen Kenson. (Kellan Colt)

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  • German: Giftmischer
  • Hungarian: Mérgek könyve


Warning: Spoiler Information Below

Poison Agendas is the second book of the new Shadowrun series from Wizkids. This novel is a continuation of the events started in the book Born to Run

In this novel, Kellen stumbles across information that leads her to a chemical weapons stash in the Native American Nations. After assembling her own team for the first time and going forward with the run against the advise of her friends and mentors, she is confronted by a Toxic Shamen who intends to use those weapons to wipe out the population of Seattle. Feeling a measure of responsibility, she and her team make an attempt to stop the shamen from going through with his scheme.


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