Seattle Sprawl: Tangled Threads
Tangled Threads.jpg
Publication information
Publisher Catalyst Game Labs
Publication date April 15, 2016 (Digital) / August 3, 2016 (Box Set)
Stock number CAT27110 (Box Set)
ISBN 978-1-9418582-93-0
Language English
Pages 27 (Tangled Threads)
Original price 59.99 $ (Box Set)
Edition 5th
Type Adventure Book
Sixth World
Time frame April 2078 (Estimated)

Tangled Threads is an Adventure book included the Source:Seattle Sprawl Box Set for Shadowrun Fifth Edition.

This book contains adventure details in two parts: Seattle Spots and Seattle Plots. Seattle Spots provides a tour of different types of buildings and neighborhoods in Seattle, giving players a chance to get to know the city through a number of different runs. Seattle Plots presents a more linear set of adventures, embroiling the runners in the political machinations of the sprawl and helping them participate in a dramatic shift in the power structure of the city.

Locations Included in Seattle Spots:

  • Corporate Housing Complex p 2-3
  • Conference & Recreation Center p 3-6
  • Critter Research Lab p 6-7
  • Magical Library p 7-8, 9
  • Restaurant/Bar p 8, 10-11
  • Executive Retreat p 11-12
  • Corporate Law Enforcement/Jail p 13-15
  • Corporate Re-Education Camp p 16-18

Adventure Included in Seattle Plots:

  • Seattle Plots p 18-27
  • The players are hired to track down a cybereye video file for a Mr. Johnson and instead stumble across a video that proves to be the downfall of governor Brackhaven.
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