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***Individual Karma Awards
***Individual Karma Awards
**Glossary of Slang In 2050
**Glossary of Slang In 2050
**Powers of the Awakened
**Cyberware for Critters
**Selected Awakened Beings
**Critter Statistics
*'''THE NORTHWEST IN 2050'''
**Tribal Lands
**Tir Talrngire
**Other Neighbors
**Status of Seattle
***The Salish
***The Sinsearach
***The Makah
***The Cascade Crow
***The Cascade Ork
**Getting to Seattle
***Seattle's Metroplex Guard
**Visitor Information
***Medical Aid
***Legal Aid
***Public Datanet
***Emergency Services
**Getting Around Seattle
**Entertainment and Media
**Points of Interest
***Tribal Holdings
***Corporate Holdings
***Seattle in the Shadows
*'''FIRST RUN'''
**Food Fight
***Grabbin' Stuffers
***Stuffer Shack™
***Who's in Stuffer Shack
***Stuffer Shack Map Key
***Enter Shooting
***Supermarket Sweep
*** Cleaning Up
***The Chiller Thrillers

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