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It's time to go beyond the shadows and take a look around.
And you'll find lots of surprises...

Make the most of your character! Expanded character creation rules let you customize your character with Edges and Flaws.
A revised Skill Web and new rules for training give your character more bang for the buck in learning and using skills.
The flip side of contacts—enemies! New rules let you create foes large and small to keep your characters on their toes.
When you really need Karma, how do you collect? Optional Karma rules offer you new ways to get, keep and use Karma.
Why stick with shadowrunning? Play a DocWagon High-Threat Response Team, a street gang, a government covert-operations unit or even a shapeshifter!

The Shadowrun Companion: Beyond the Shadows is a unique rules expansion for players and gamemasters.
From character creation to retirement, from epic campaigns to one-shot adventures, from streamlined skill rules to options for tailoring the way magic works to best suit your game, The Shadowrun Companion has it all. This book expands and clarifies rules for character creation, skill use and defaults, contacts, Karma, magic and cyberware, and includes new rules for playing metahuman variants and shapeshifters. A guide to creating adventures and campaigns offers step-by-step techniques to help gamemasters get the most out of the Shadowrun universe. The Shadowrun Companion: Beyond the Shadows is compatible with all Shadowrun sourcebooks.