Sprawl Wild
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Publication information
Publisher Catalyst Games Lab
Publication date July 11, 2013 (eBook) / September 11, 2013 (print)
Stock number 27480
Language English
Pages 90
Filesize 11.74 MB
Original price $19.99 (print) / $12.00 (eBook)
Edition 5th
Type adventure book
Sixth World
Time frame 2075

Sprawl Wilds is an adventure book for Shadowrun 20th Anniversary and Shadowrun Fifth Edition.

It contains three revised mission of the Convention Mission Pack 2010 , which are present here for the first time in print, as well as one that was written as a sequel to Season 4 new, and all the urban jungle of overgrown corners of sprawl as the dangerous parts of the Ork Underground or Redmond and Puyallup Barrens deal: "Manhunt", "carbon Copy", "Ashes" and "Humanitarian Aid".

"Carbon Copy" is a sequel to the mission SRM 04-05 " On a Silver Platter ", "Humanitarian Aid", however, is a prequel to SRM 04-10 " Romero and Juliette ".

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