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Street Samurai Catalog (ssc) was published twice, once for the first edition of Shadowrun and again for the second edition. The setting contents are nearly identical, though the latter release of the sourcebook removed content that was only relevant for the first edition.

Ares Winter Catalog 2050[]

Page Summary Keywords Shadowtalk Keywords
Preface Nathaniel Naidich (Director of Sales, Ares America, Ares Arms, Detroit) FastJack: Wedge
6 Monofilament Sword Ares America, Monofilament Hermes
7 Laser Crescent Axe Centurion Industries Metallic Marauder
8 AZ-150 Super Stun Baton Law Enforcement, Defiance Industries Chuck-Chuck Razool
9 Forearm Snap-Blades Cyberspurs Findler-Man
10 Survival Knife UCAS Marine, Redstone (corp or brand name, unsure)
11 Shock Glove Reinco
12 Combat Axe Wallacher Le Bleu: Neil the Ork Barbarian, simsense
13 Bow Accessory Mount Peterson Enterprises of Seattle
14–15 Compound Bow System Chuck-Chuck Razool, Winger
16 Crusader Machine Pistol Ares Arms, Wagner Steel Lynx
17 Light Fire 70 Ares Toshi
18 Predator II Ares Arms, Smartlink
19 Beretta 200ST Beretta
20 Ultra-Power Browning, LasSys
21 Scorpion Machine Pistol Cesla
22 Ceska vz/120 Czech, Ceska Zbrojobkain Prague, Ares America White Tiger, Nightfire, FastJack
23 Manhunter Colt, (Andrea McBaine, Bounty Hunter)
24 LD-120 Seco, Israeli Findler-Man, Winger
25 Self-Defender Tiffani, Fichetti Firearms
26 Mossberg Stinger-Six: Desert Wars
27 100 Sport Rifle Ruger
28 MA 2100 Sniping Rifle Walther, CAS Army
29 Beretta Model 70 Beretta Lord Bunny
30 MP-5 TX Heckler & Koch, Paris Arms Show
31 Ingram Smartgun Ingram, Street-Fighting Man (publication) Findler-Man, FastJack
32 TMP Submachine Gun Sandler Corporation Hermes
33 Model 100 SMG Shin Chou Kogyo, Tokyo, Japanese Security Forces, Red Samurai
36 Ultrasound Sight Ares
37 Rangefinder Accessory Ares FastJack
38 Gas Vent Lyco Systems, New Orleans
39 Forearm Guards Ares Arms FastJack
40 Form-Fitting Body Armor Ares Arms Stinger-Six
41 Securetech Clothing Kelmar Technologies, Shadow Gear (publication) FastJack
42 Stealth Grapple Line
43 Grapple Gun Wagner
44 AFR-7 Flash Grenade
45 Flash-Pak Winter Systems Steel Lynx
46 Micro Flare Winter Systems
47 Aurora Racing Bike Suzuki Transport, Yamaha Rapier
48 Viking Heavy Motorcycle Honda Motors, Harley

Ares Security Catalog 2050[]

Page Summary Keywords Shadowtalk Keywords
Preface Nathaniel Naidich (Director of Sales, Ares America, Ares Arms, Detroit) FastJack
50 M22A2 Assault Rifle Colt, International Mercenaries Guild
51 G12A3Z H&K Zapper Weisman, Metallic Marauder
52 vz 88 V Assault Rifle Czech Mechanized Forces
53 AUG-CSL Weapon System CAS, Steyr FastJack:Wedge, Steyr
54-55 MP Laser Ares Arms The Neon Samurai: Knight Errant, Findler-Man, [[Hatchetman]]: Winter Systems, Nightfire
56 Ares MP LMG Findler-Man
57 FN-MAG 5 Fabrique National
58 Vindicator Minigun GE M134 Hardpoint FastJack, The Neon Samurai
59 Surface-to-Air Missile Stinger-Six: Lone Star Wasp, Yellowjacket
60 Panther Cannon Panther Industries Hatchetman
61 M107 GPHMG UCAS Armed Forces, Stoner-Ares Weapon Systems Hatchetman
62 Narcoject Pistol & Rifle Narcoject
63 APDS Ammunition Hatchetman:Fort Lewis, FastJack
64 Cannon Ammunition
65 Belted Ammunition The Neon Samurai
67 Gyro-Mount System Steel Lynx
68 Rangefinder Grenade Link Ares The Neon Samurai
69 Riot-Security Shield Ares
70–71 Security Armor Kelmar Technologies, Ares America Hatchetman
72 Net-Gun Williams Technologies
73 Riot-Control Vehicle Ares Citymaster
74 Wasp and Yellowjacket Northrup Steel Lynx
76 Communications Link FastJack
77 Crypto Circuit HD
78 Hearing Amplification
79 Internal Voice Mask Findler-Man:Governor Shultz, Max Foley, Neil the Ork Barbarian, Holly Brighton, Maria Mercurial, Dunkelzahn, FastJack
80 Rangefinder
81 Scramble Breaker HD
82 Select Sound Filter The Neon Samurai
83 Sense Link Findler-Man
84 Video Link Steel Lynx
85 Vision Magnification Findler-Man
86 Cyberguns Fichetti Firearms
87 Boosted Reflexes Findler-Man
88 Skill Hardwires
89 Improved Hand Razors Wiremasters, Wilkerson The Neon Samurai, FastJack, Findler-Man, Nightfire
91–92 Working the Streets William "Wedge" Harkwood, Street Fighting Man (publication)
93–95 Cyberware Damage Kid Stealth
96 Cyber Repair
97 Upgrading Cyberware Lou Welby (Street Doc)
98–99 Custom Cyberware Dr. Aidan Jarmani
100 Cheap Cyberware Dynamic Dave