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System Failure
Source cover en System Failure.jpg
Author Lars Blumenstein, Mikael Brodu, Drew Curtis, João Nunes, Jong-Won Kim, Robyn King-Nitschke, Jason Levine, Michelle Lyons, Peter Taylor, Malik Toms
Cover art Fred Hooper, Adam Jury
Illustrator Peter Bergting, Johan Egerskrans, John Gravato, Bradley K. McDevitt, Mike Rooth, Klaus Scherwinski, Chad Sergesketter, Kevin Wasden
Full Credits see here
Publication information
Publisher Wizkids LLC
Publication date 2005
Language English
Pages 130
Edition o35702881Shadowrun Third Edition
Sixth World
Time frame 2064

System Failure is a sourcebook for Shadowrun.

Product Summary[]

The year is 2064, and all is not well. A struggling megacorp makes a drastic decision to stave off impending doom. A psychopathic artifical intelligence thought to be dead rises again, attempting to take over the entire Matrix. And behind the scenes, apocalyptic terrorists prepare to strike at key points around the world, completing their first steps towards a vision of Armageddon. Across the globe, shadowrunners find themselves caught up in these events—how will their actions impact the Sixth World?

System Failure details the events leading up to and following these dramatic, world-shaking events. In addition to in-depth treatments of the three main plotlines and adventure frameworks for involving the runners in each, it also details numerous aftershocks and spin-off events, with scenario suggestions for how runners can play a role in the years to come.



  • German: Systemausfall