Tails You Lose
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Author Lisa Smedman
Publication information
Publisher Roc Books
Publication date 2001
ISBN 0-451-45818-4
Language English

Tails You Lose is a Shadowrun novel by Lisa Smedman.

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When a shadowrunner managed to extract PCI's most vital employee, it was Alma's job as security expert to get him back--no matter the cost. But all the evidence pointed to the one person who couldn't have done it...herself. Branded a traitor, Alma has one shot at redemption: find the real culprit. But she's never faced an enemy like this one. This 'runner not only looks like Alma--she's also equipped with Alma's top-of-the-line cybernetic implants, and she's backed by the powerful magic of the Chinese underworld. Now, the expert in defense must attack--and risk it all to bring down a rival so much like herself that there can be only one shocking explanation...


While Alma is suffering from a split personality caused by experimental cyberware, three dragons: Li, Mang and Chiao, each sending agents of powerful criminal organizations to do their bidding, attempt to steal the Fourth Coin of Luck from Akira Kageyama. Fourth dragon, Ryumyo, maybe be pulling more strings behind the scenes, aiming to pit the three other dragons against one another. Eventually, Alma makes peace with her Night Owl personality, and save Kageyama; cheating all the dragon's agents in process and faking her own death. Kageyama gifts the coin to Alma, who becomes his bodyguard/lover.


in alphabetical order. Major characters are bolded.
  • Alma, aka Night Owl, aka Cybergirl, former PCI high ranking security suit / shadowrunner; later bcomes Kageyama's lover/bodygyard. One of New Horizons "Superkids", genetically engineered superhumans (tailored for better compatibility with cyberware). Has split personality; due to experimental cyberware needs just 15 minutes or sleep, and after sleep changes personalities.
  • Akira Kageyama.
  • Blondie - Korean female mage. Real or street name not revealed, nickname given by Alma/Night Owl. Works for dragon Mang of Komun'go Ring.
  • Bluebeard - elf decker, shadowrunner, lives on a boat around False Creek
  • Buzz - dwarf rigger, shadowrunner, heli-taxi pilot
  • Egon - dwarf, mage, expert in coins, runs a numismatic store
  • Grey Squirrel, PCI researcher, decreased
  • Herbert Lali, president of PCI
  • Hothead, fixer. Has a custom cyberhead which replaces his hair with fire through propane exhaust.
  • Miracle Worker - former shadowrunner, mage, Magic Box employee
  • Salvador Hu, chief of security for PCI
  • Strange Eyes - mage with distinctive, all-white eyes. Real or street name not revealed, nickname given by Alma/Night Owl. He is "Number One" for dragon Li who has connections to Red Wheel Engineering and the Eighty-Eights Triad.
  • Wharf Rat, orc shadowrunner - street sam, deceased
  • Tiger Cat, aka Lei Kung, shadowrunner from Hong Kong. He was present at the incident in Hong Kong where one of the Coins of Luck owners, Sun Yat-Sun, died.
  • Wu - troll mage, high ranking officer in the Red Lotus

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  • Eighty-Eights Triad - a triad from Singapore run by dragon Li. Strange Eyes is a high ranking officer in it.
  • Komun'go Ring - Seoulpa Ring. Works for dragon Mang.
  • Magic Box - club with magical entertainment located in a warehouse on the city's east side
  • New Horizons, a former UCAS corporation. It's CEO was Michel Louberge. Went under around 2040, give or take a decade, after government investigation following rumors of unethical treatment of children.
  • Pacific Cybernetics Incorporated, corporation, developer of cyber implants
  • PETAB - People for Ethical Treatment of Awakened Beings
  • Red Lotus, one of Vancouvers' more powerful gangs, very violent. Works for dragon Chiao.
  • Triple Eight - club and casino near Statium SkyTrain station frequent by Red Lotus members

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  • German: Kopf oder Zahl

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