The Grimoire: 15th Edition, 2053
Source cover en The Grimoire 15th Edition
Author Paul R. Hume
Cover art Tomas M. Baxa
Full Credits see here
Publication information
Publisher FASA Corporation
Publication date 1992
Stock number 7903
Language English
Pages 144
Original price $15.00
Edition 2nd
Type Sourcebook
Sixth World
Time frame 2053
Format Shadowland shadowfile

The Grimoire: 15th Edition, 2053 is a sourcebook for the Second Edition of Shadowrun.

The complete title of the book is "The Grimoire: The Manual of Practical Thaumaturgy 15th Edition, 2053".

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  • German: Grimoire: Handbuch der praktischen Thaumaturgie 9. überarbeitete deutsche Auflage, Heidelberg 2054
  • French: Le Grimoire: Manuel de la Thaumaturgie Practique, 15e Edition, 2053
  • Polish: Grimoire: Podręcznik Praktycznij Taumaturgii 15·ta Edycja, 2053
  • Spanish: El grimorio: Manual de Thaumaturgia Practica 15a Edicion Año 2053

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