The Neo-Anarchist's Guide to North America
Source cover en The Neo-Anarchists Guide to North America
Cover art David McCoy
Credits see here
Publication information
Publisher FASA Corporation
Publication date 1991
Stock number E-FAS7206
Language English
Pages 122
Filesize 51.88 MB
Original price $15.00 (print) / $7.50 (ebook)
Edition 1st
Type Country- / Location sourcebook
Sixth World
Time frame 2050
Format Shadowland Shadowfile

The Neo-Anarchist's Guide to North America (NAGtNA) is a setting book for Shadowrun First Edition.

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  • German: Nordamerika-Quellenbuch (combined with Native American Nations Volume One and Two)
  • French: Le Guide Néo-Anarchiste de l'Amérique du Nord

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